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UPDATED Apr. 2024
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ZQuiet mandibular advancement device is only suitable for oral snorers. It may not work for all oral snorers due to the absence of a custom-fitting process. ZQuiet is not recommended for nasal snorers and individuals who wear dentures or have severe dental issues. Potential side effects include jaw fatigue, sore gums, and excess salivation. If used in treating mild sleep apnea, consultation with a medical expert is necessary.

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Snoring is a problem that afflicts a large number of people, yet it is rarely treated as a serious issue by the rest of the world. If you struggle with snoring, then you know just how much it can impact the rest of your life. Snoring causes you to feel tired, as you are getting lower-quality rest, and it can even impact your personal relationship with your significant other. Due to how aggravating snoring can be, you are probably looking for a solution. There are many anti-snoring devices available on the marketplace and they range from pillows and chinstraps all the way to special mouthpieces like ZQuietZQuiet is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that seeks to help you reclaim your night’s rest while putting your snoring to bed for good. The question that we are going to answer today in our ZQuiet review is this: does it actually work?

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This product is ranked #1 on our Top 10 Snoring Aids list.

What Is ZQuiet?

ZQuiet is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that was created in order to help you take control of your snoring and stop it forever. Like most oral anti-snoring devices, ZQuiet is something that you wear in your mouth overnight. The goal of ZQuiet is to adjust the way that you hold your chin and jaw so that your snoring is relegated to just a bad memory. ZQuiet took years to create and the product is reliant upon an interesting new twist on the conventional mandibular advancement device, which is what the ZQuiet is technically listed under. Now that we’ve introduced you to ZQuiet, let’s go ahead and dig deep into how the product actually works. After all, knowledge is power and if you are going to rid yourself of snoring forever, you’ll need all the power you can get.

How ZQuiet Works

Earlier in our ZQuiet review, we revealed that ZQuiet is considered a mandibular advancement device. A mandibular adjustment device is a product that you put in your mouth in order to adjust how your jaw sits while you sleep. Much research has been put into the actual mechanical act of snoring and scientists have discovered that the position of your jaw can have a huge impact on how much snoring you will experience.  To be more specific, mandibular advancement devices (MAD) operate by working to move your jaw into a forward position by a fraction of a millimeter. With your jaw pushed forward, your airways will open up and you will experience fewer of the mechanisms that lead to snoring. Let’s take a moment to break down the physical act of snoring so that you can understand why ZQuiet works the way that it does.

Mechanics Of Snoring – When you fall asleep, the muscles in your body relax. When your muscles are relaxed, your tongue is relaxed as well. As you sleep, your now-relaxed tongue will collapse backward toward your throat. In doing so, the tissues in your throat will start to collapse and an obstruction will form. This obstruction becomes the instrument by which your snoring begins to generate noise. Sound waves go through your throat before thrumming against the muscle, thus creating the sound that we are now all too familiar with. Not great, right?

How ZQuiet Works

ZQuiet isn’t just a mandibular advancement device, however. ZQuiet is one of the most effective mouthpieces on the market because it does more than just adjust your jaw. You will notice instantly that this mouthpiece is considerably softer and more flexible than other options on the market. Traditionally, most mandibular advancement devices are going to be inflexible and stationary in your mouth. That isn’t the case here! Thanks to what ZQuiet calls Living Hinge TechnologyZQuiet is able to fit more comfortably than its competitors.

While ZQuiet is a unique anti-snoring device, there are still going to be people who do not like it for what it is. Mandibular advancement devices are going to have critics no matter how effective they are. Thankfully, ZQuiet makes up some ground with those individuals by offering the following benefits:

  • Flexible Structure – We’ll talk more about this soon, but we wanted to briefly highlight the fact that  ZQuiet is one of the most comfortable anti-snoring MADs available today. The reason why ZQuiet is comfortable is due to its flexible material. ZQuiet actually almost feels soft in your hands.
  • Easy Breathing – It sounds contradictory, but the truth is that some anti-snoring mouthpieces end up making it harder to breathe. With ZQuiet, you are able to maintain your oral flexibility so that breathing is never an issue. You can open and close your mouth while you rest, no problem.
  • One Size Fits All – Finally, there is no custom-fitting process. What you see is what you get with ZQuiet. You don’t have to worry about boiling and biting anything.

Now that we have a general understanding as to how and why ZQuiet works, we can look a bit closer at the product itself. After all, our goal here isn’t just to show you what is good and bad about ZQuiet, we also want to show you what makes ZQuiet stand out in the crowd of anti-snoring mouthpieces that are all vying for your attention.

How Is ZQuiet Different?

Okay, so now that you have a foundation of knowledge surrounding anti-snoring mouthpieces, we can start to talk about how ZQuiet is different than the competition. ZQuiet sets itself apart in a variety of different ways, so we are going to lay out the major features that separate it from the rest of the pack down below. Glance through these features in order to see what makes ZQuiet unique.

Living Hinge Technology – We briefly alluded to the Living Hinge Technology above, so now let’s take a closer look at the feature. The Living Hinge Technology is revolutionary within the field of anti-snoring products because it allows you to breathe easier during sleep while also retaining your traditional and natural mouth movement.  Most mouthpieces are uncomfortable, at least at first, because they leave your jaw locked into place and your mouth tightly shut. That’s not the case here.

Ready Out Of The Box – The vast (vast!) majority of anti-snoring mouthpieces are going to require extensive preparation in order to make sure that they fit your mouth. Traditionally, most anti-snoring mouthpieces will require you to do what is known as the ‘boil and bite’ technique. ZQuiet, instead, is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box. You don’t have to boil the device, you don’t have to work through a special fitting process, you just pop it in your mouth and move on with your life.

How Is ZQuiet Different?

Oral Flexibility – One of the biggest hangups that people have with anti-snoring mouthpieces, and we’ll mention this throughout our ZQuiet review, is that they are simply uncomfortable. As we highlighted above, anti-snoring mouthpieces tend to make you keep your mouth shut throughout the night. Thanks to the special design and the Live Hinge optimization, ZQuiet allows you the freedom to move your mouth in your sleep while still retaining effectiveness. In fact, ZQuiet allows you to open and close your mouth with complete comfort throughout the night. That’s a huge benefit for fickle sleepers.

Single Material Design – The final reason that ZQuiet is different than its competitors is simple: the mouthpiece is made entirely of one single material. ZQuiet is made from a special thermoplastic elastomer that has been extensively researched and approved by the FDA. ZQuiet is completely safe and does not contain any BPA or latex.

Additionally, ZQuiet was designed and manufactured in the United States of America. The product goes through extensive safety testing before being allowed for sale. We already pointed out that ZQuiet is FDA approved, but we should also mention that the manufacturers of ZQuiet are accredited by the Better Business Bureau as well. When you purchase ZQuiet, you know you are getting a product that has been put through the ringer in order to maximize both its effectiveness and its readiness.

Does ZQuiet Stop Snoring?

ZQuiet features

All of the features in the world won’t make up an anti-snoring mouthpiece that simply doesn’t work. So, the question we have to ask is this: does ZQuiet actually stop snoring? Earlier in our ZQuiet review, we briefly touched on the machinations of snoring. Now, let’s get more detailed in order to help you understand why ZQuiet works.

Snoring is caused by the vibration of tissue located at the back of your throat. As we emphasized above, the tissue in the back of your throat will begin to close in on itself when the rest of your muscles relax. During your sleep, you don’t have the awareness or the faculties to address your snoring. Now, most mandibular advancement devices work to adjust your jaw so that your snoring is addressed at its source. That is how ZQuiet works.

When you wear ZQuiet, your jaw is jutted slightly forward. When your jaw is adjusted forward, then your airways will gently begin to open up. With a clearer airway, your tissue is no longer collapsing against your throat and those pesky vibrations are all but eradicated. ZQuiet is based on research that has been fine-tuned for years upon years. The difference between  ZQuiet and the rest of the competition can be found in the previous section of our ZQuiet review.

ZQuiet & Sleep Apnea

While finding a solution to snoring is the primary objective of our ZQuiet review, we should also take a moment to remark upon its effectiveness when dealing with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is another sleep-related problem that manifests itself in countless people around the world. In fact, sleep apnea afflicts more than 200,000 new individuals every single year.

What is sleep apnea? – Sleep apnea is a potentially serious issue that occurs when your upper airway becomes obstructed during sleep.  Sleep apnea can range from a slight airway obstruction to a complete obstruction. Sleep apnea ranges in severity and, in some cases, it can potentially be deadly! That’s a good reason to find a solution, right?

What are sleep apnea symptoms? – The most prevalent symptom of sleep apnea is the active obstruction of your airway while you sleep, as we highlighted above.  However, other symptoms of sleep apnea exist and should be taken note of. Daily fatigue, snoring, and chronic periods without breathing during your sleep are the most common signs.

So, now the question remains: does ZQuiet actually work to treat the condition? As we mentioned above, ZQuiet works by addressing how your jaw sits while you sleep. This adjustment allows your airways to open up, thus giving you the ability to breathe easier. Sleep apnea can range in severity from mild to severe – and depending on where you sit on the scale, ZQuiet might or might not work for you. For mild sleep apneaZQuiet can be an appropriate solution. If you fear that your sleep apnea might potentially be severe, you should first consider consulting your physician. Clearing the air with your doctor before committing to a course of treatment is the best thing that you can do.

Does ZQuiet Have Any Side Effects?

At the end of the day, ZQuiet is a mandibular advancement device like any other. What does this mean? Traditionally, all types of oral devices are going to be beholden to a specific period of adjustment after which users will either acclimate to the product or experience a few problems. The phrase ‘side effects’ isn’t an accurate one as it paints far too negative of a picture of the product itself. Still, there are some issues that manifest in a percentage of people who use ZQuiet to treat their snoring, including:

  • Jaw Soreness – The leading side effect of MADs is slight jaw soreness. The manufacturer of ZQuiet advises that most users will adjust to their jaw soreness within a few hours at a minimum and a few weeks at a maximum. The cause of this discomfort is your jaw being physically moved forward during your rest. If the soreness does not abate over time, consider moving on from ZQuiet.
  • Minor Excessive Salivation – Another common side effect of mandibular advancement devices is excessive salivation. This is most commonly an issue that presents itself in individuals who cannot effectively wear the product due to the size of their mouth and jaw.
  • Tender Tongue – The final side effect that we want to highlight involves your tongue becoming tender. A small percentage of users have reported that their tongue feels tender after using ZQuiet. This is not a common issue and it is not a serious one, either. This side effect should disappear with prolonged usage.

According to the manufacturers of ZQuiet, the average user should only experience minor discomfort while their mouth adjusts to the mouthpiece. Most users will not experience prolonged side effects and the bulk of the aforementioned side effects are relatively harmless, all things considered. Now that we have a rounded understanding of the side effects that ZQuiet can induce, let’s continue to explore the product.

Who Should Buy ZQuiet?

As we touched on multiple times throughout this ZQuiet quiet, anti-snoring mouthpieces can be hit-or-miss. Typically, anti-snoring mouthpieces find a solid group of detractors who cannot and will not be comfortable with the device in their mouth. While that is understandable, fortunately, there are plenty of people who will find ZQuiet more than comfortable. Let’s talk about all of the people who should consider buying ZQuiet.

People With Sleep Apnea – If you have mild sleep apnea, you can safely use ZQuiet in order to treat your snoring and apnea-related issues. If you have moderate to severe sleep apnea, this product is not ideal for you.

People Who Suffer From Snoring – Thanks to the way that  ZQuiet operates, which we explained above, just about anyone who struggles with snoring can benefit from this product.

ANY Kind Of Sleeper – Some anti-snoring devices cannot be worn if you are a side/stomach/back sleeper. ZQuiet is flexible and comfortable enough to allow you to wear it while not changing any of your sleeping habits.

People With Nasal Issues – Typically, a MAD would not be ideal for people who suffer from airway problems. However,  ZQuiet was specially designed to be worn by people who can only breathe easily from their mouth. ZQuiet can be worn by people with stuffy nose issues, deviated septums, nasal polyps or even allergies.

While ZQuiet works well with the vast majority of people dealing with snoring issues, there are still certain individuals who should avoid using ZQuiet. For people who know they can’t handle MAD anti-snoring devices, ZQuiet likely isn’t going to be enough to change their minds. Additionally, if you have weak teethcrowns or loose teeth, then ZQuiet likely isn’t going to be for you. You need to have moderately healthy teeth in order to wear this device due to the pressure that it puts on your mouth while you sleep.

Who Should Buy ZQuiet

What Users Think About ZQuiet

Almost every mandibular advancement device is going to have its share of detractors, that’s just the nature of this kind of product. With that being said, ZQuiet has actually been able to gather positive reviews from seemingly well-satisfied customers. In order to give you a clear picture of both the positive and negative traits of ZQuiet, we decided to compile the most frequent comments from customers on both sides of the happy/unhappy divide.

Compliments – Customers were happy with ZQuiet for a variety of different reasons, but the first one we have to highlight is comfort. Thanks to its special design, customers were able to enjoy sleeping with their device while retaining mouth movement. Additionally, ZQuiet scored high marks for being far easier to wear than other mandibular advancement devices. Finally, customers were most satisfied with the fact that ZQuiet simply works. ZQuiet was touted by customers as a product that worked almost instantly and that, simply put, is the most important aspect of an anti-snoring device.

Complaints – On the other side of the coin, there were several issues that people had with ZQuiet. The most prevailing problem that customers had with the device was that it occasionally caused jaw soreness. Some customers complained that the soreness never abated while others admitted that they adjusted to the soreness rather quickly. Other customers complained about the lack of ‘boil and bite’ customizing because the device felt less precise as a result. Finally, customers complained that ZQuiet was too fickle as it prevented people with dental problems from wearing the device.

ZQuiet received mostly positive reviews, but that does not mean that it is a perfect product. People looking for a new anti-snoring mouthpiece should consider ZQuiet, but they should also be aware of the downsides that we highlighted above. While the complaints that customers had were largely minor issues, they still might pose a problem for some users.

ZQuiet Cost & Refund Policy

A huge aspect of using an anti-snoring device is how much you can actually trust the company that manufactures it. With ZQuiet, there has been little reason to not trust the company. ZQuiet comes stocked with a free 30-day trial period where you can test the device in order to see if it works for you. If after 30 days you are not satisfied with ZQuiet, you simply call in and request your RMA number. With this number in hand before the 30-day trial ends, you will be given back your entire purchase charge, excluding shipping.

When you navigate to ZQuiet’s platform to make a purchase, you should see a couple of different purchasing options. We appreciated the flexibility in pricing offerings, so we decided to outline them for you below.

ZQuiet 30-Day Trial – $9.95 – If you cannot afford to pay for the entire ZQuiet purchase price, you can pay just $9.95 in order to have a ZQuiet mailed to you. During this trial, you can test the product to see if it works for you. When the trial ends, you can either pay for the rest of your product or return it.

ZQuiet – $79.95 – This is the most popular offering that ZQuiet offers its customers. You can buy your first ZQuiet for $79.95 and get the second ZQuiet product half off. If you plan on sticking with ZQuiet for the long run, this is the purchase price that you should be keeping your eye on. You will still get the 30-day free trial, so you can return your products if you are not happy with them.

ZQuiet Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if ZQuiet is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Designed to be flexible thanks to the Living Hinge feature
  • Ready to use right out of the box, so no need to boil and bite
  • Affordable pricing and a generous refund policy
  • Generally doesn’t cause any side effects, easy to get used to
  • Made of medical grade material that is comfortable and safe
  • Approved by the FDA and supported by BBB accreditation
  • Usable for pretty much anyone with snoring or sleep apnea
  • One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for literally everyone
  • Cannot be used by people with dentures or prominent dental issues
  • Can cause limited side effects in a minor pool of people


Ultimately, ZQuiet does what other mandibular advancement devices cannot do: it stops snoring without causing additional discomfort. ZQuiet isn’t the perfect anti-snoring device and that’s due in large part to the fact that some people just won’t like oral products. Still, ZQuiet is a comfortable and affordable anti-snoring mouthpiece that can give users their first night of peaceful rest in a long time. The generous return policy and affordable price (buy one, get one half off) make it easier to suggest ZQuiet to people with problematic snoring.

User Reviews (11)

ZQuiet customer rating based on 11 user reviews.

The ZQuiet reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Joan West | July 31, 2020

    I am wondering who really writes your review. It amazes me that Julie Long Feb 16th 2019 with a 5 star rating and Christina Foster Aug 29 2018 with a 4 star rating will write the EXACT same review. WORD FOR WORD. Seriously has turned me off of your review website. I have the reviews in writing and will be passing them on to my friends. SHAME ON YOU.

  2. Julie Long | February 16, 2019

    Worked like a charm for my husband which means we both get to have some quality sleep at last. His jaw did get quite sore for the first two weeks though and he had trouble chewing for like an hour or two after taking the mouthpiece out.

  3. Jack Henderson | November 3, 2018

    I bought this one by mistake and later realized I can’t use it with my tooth implant so be aware if you have them as well, this is not the mouthpiece for you.

  4. Christina Foster | August 29, 2018

    Worked like a charm for my husband which means we both get to have some quality sleep at last. His jaw did get quite sore for the first two weeks though and he had trouble chewing for like an hour or two after taking the mouthpiece out.

  5. Kevin Nelson | June 1, 2018

    On top of reducing my snoring, this device also helped me improve the posture of my lower jaw. My wife and I both got one and it worked perfectly for both of us. We wake up well rested and fresh, and we never wake each other up during the night.

  6. Mark Young | May 26, 2018

    I’ve tried so many different snoring mouthpieces over the years and this is the first one that allowed me to move my jaw in my sleep without losing its effectiveness. For the first time, I didn’t feel constricted and on natural while wearing a mouthpiece.

  7. Isaac Pack | January 19, 2018

    I’m not sure how I feel about zquiet. It obviously helps, I’m not snoring nearly as loudly as before (I used to wake myself up), but just having this thing in my mouth all night, at first I seriously thought I was going to choke. It’s not that awful now, but it is still really unpleasant.

  8. Julian Wilson | January 18, 2018

    I am not sure it fits my mouth well, I’m pretty certain it shouldn’t be this uncomfortable. I guess it is ok because it seems to work, but my mouth feels real sore in the morning.

  9. Paula Jensen | June 15, 2017

    It’s very easy to clean and it was perfect from the get go.

  10. TerranceLesley | August 5, 2016

    I like that I can speak with this device in my mouth. Efficiency-wise, my snoring isn’t as bad anymore but it’s not gone.

  11. MarkSnoresman | May 28, 2016

    Not impressed.

  12. Samantha Gannon | January 5, 2016

    Possibly the best mouthpiece out there. I only wish I could use it longer, it’s not that cheap.

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