How We Score

Scores given to each of the products we review are exclusively based on scientific findings, user feedback, and verified facts obtained through research. Our researchers and reviewers have zero access to information on the financial aspect of our work. This allows them to preserve objectivity and eliminate intentional or unintentional bias.

The scoring criteria applied are defined in accordance with the features that are of greatest importance to the users, as reflected in their stated opinions about the products. The criteria differ across various types of snoring aids in order to allow for accurate assessment of devices’ overall quality, effectiveness, and suitability for the intended users’ needs.

When calculating scores, we take into consideration both the objective compliance of the device with the scoring criteria and its superiority or inferiority to its top competitors. Total scores constitute the mean of scores on all the criteria applied in reviewing process, adjusted through comparison with snoring aids of the same type and similar quality.

As a result of continuous research, all scores are subject to change. Score adjustments may be introduced in case of the appearance of new, more advanced anti-snoring solutions or a rising number of user complaints indicating deterioration in material quality, craftsmanship or overall quality and effectiveness of the devices.


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