Our Research

Here at Top10SnoringAids, research is a never-ending process. We do not only focus on collecting reliable facts on the top-rated snoring aids, but we are also constantly on the lookout for new products that are showing potential and may help you sleep better and snore less.

For every snoring aid featured on our website, we collect all available information that could help you as the consumer make the right decision and an educated purchase. We run thorough background checks, making sure that the manufacturers are to be trusted. We consult the companies’ BBB ratings, check for FDA approval, and analyze both the amount and accuracy of data available on each of the companies to sort legit businesses from scams.

While in-house testing has certain advantages, it is insufficiently reliable due to its inherent limitations, including a small and limited diversity of participants. The effectiveness of a snoring aid can only be determined based on the experiences of thousands of users with different snoring levels and problems and the results of both cross-sectional and longitudinal studies conducted in controlled conditions, on large samples. That is why our research focuses on the abundance of user reviews available on the web, in forums and other relevant online spots, as well as available clinical and scientific studies on the specific products we analyze.

Discovering all relevant and reliable information on the snoring aids we review comprises only one phase of our research. We do not only want to know how durable, easy to use or generally effective a snoring aid is. We want to find out how it compares to other similar solutions and what kind of snorers it is best suited for in order to provide reliable recommendations that can be of genuine use to our readers.

Considering that the inherent effectiveness of a snoring aid can be diminished with improper placement and use, we consider it our duty to provide educational material that can help snorers make the most out of their snoring aids of choice. Thus, a significant part of our research efforts is directed toward creating helpful guides that provide concrete details on how different anti-snoring devices work, how they should be used, and how to determine whether they are the right solution for a specific snoring problem.

We only consider we have done our research well if we have helped you not only find out which snoring aid you should choose but also why you should choose it and how to take advantage of its full potential.


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