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UPDATED Nov. 2023
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Snoring is an issue that affects many people but some seem to suffer from it more than others. Snoring can become a serious problem and it can definitely reduce your quality of life, not to mention the quality of sleep. Snoring aids like the one we’re about to introduce through our NasiVent Tube Plus review definitely address this problem correctly. This anti-snoring solution is definitely one of the best snoring aids you will find on the market right now.

What Is NasiVent Tube Plus?

Some people experience snoring not because of obesity or other health factors but because their nasal passages tend to collapse when they sleep on the side. Sleeping on the side is generally the most recommended position, but if the nostrils collapse, it becomes difficult to breathe and we automatically turn on our back. Sleeping on your back, however, is a sure way to start snoring.

nasivent tube plus

This is why some snoring aids, like NasiVent Tube Plus, address the initial issue, which is the partial closing of the nostrils and nasal passages. NasiVent Tube Plus is a snoring aid that can be classified as a nasal dilator. It works by opening up the nostrils, which tend to collapse due to weakness or other reasons. These tubes support the walls of the nose, especially the nostrils, and keep them open as you sleep.

NasiVent Tube Plus nasal tubes are made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which means they are absolutely safe and will not cause irritation or allergies. They are also very soft and comfortable and do not cause any side effects.

Since it doesn’t make sense for everyone to wear nasal tubes of the same size, the package contains four different sizes, from XS to L. It is recommended to start with the smallest ones and to work your way up if those don’t solve your issues or keep falling out. NasiVent Tube Plus is generally a one-time purchase. They are very durable and can last you a lifetime, as the manufacturer states.

How Is It Different?

nasivent tube plus original

First of all, many nasal dilators are made of simple plastic and sometimes they even contain latex. NasiVent Tube Plus is made of silicone and is, therefore, much safer and more comfortable.

Second, thanks to the new and improved design, NasiVent Tube Plus is not as likely to fall out during sleep as some other nasal snoring aids. These tubes feature a nose lock, which is a small protrusion that helps the tubes stay in place. The connection between two tubes prevents them from going in too deep. This snoring aid is improved for additional comfort, too. Also, the tubes have nicely designed round edges and they are more anatomically similar to the natural shape of your nose.

User Experience

As we mentioned earlier in this NasuVent Tube Plus review, these nasal dilators are very comfortable to wear. They are almost unnoticeable from the outside and once you find the perfect fit by trying out different sizes, you will forget you’re even wearing them.

The correct way to use these nasal dilators is to place one tube into each nostril. The tubes are connected with a thin soft link that also acts as a separator so you don’t have to worry about accidentally inhaling them. These tubes stay in place much better than other nasal dilators, especially if you are using the correct size.

These tubes can last a long time with proper maintenance. Do not sterilize them in boiling water as it might damage them. Simply rinse them under warm or hot running water each morning after you take them out and occasionally wash them with some mild detergent. Do not place them in the dishwasher because you might risk losing them.


The package containing NasiVent Tube Plus in four different sizes costs $12.25 and the set of two nasal tubes in the size of your choice is $14.95. You also get a little plastic case to store your nasal tubes when you are not using them.

NasiVent Tube Plus Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if NasiVent Tube Plus is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Latex-free medical grade silicone
  • Different sizes for the perfect fit
  • Rarely fall out
  • Innovative nose lock feature
  • Anatomical shape
  • May not work for everyone

Bottom Line

After reading our NasiVent Tube Plus review, you must’ve seen what a great product it is for all those interested in purchasing nasal dilators to solve their snoring problem. It is a high-quality product that is easy to use. It is also extremely comfortable. The price is pretty much standard for this kind of product and there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

User Reviews (4)

NasiVent Tube Plus customer rating based on 4 user reviews.

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  1. Jordan Burke 03/23/2018 | April 30, 2018

    I bought these after growing tired of constantly waking up to an empty bed. My wife would do to my loud snoring and go to sleep somewhere else in the house. Good news is, she hasn’t left a bad ever since I bought them and they’ve really helped me reduce the volume of my snoring. I still snore somewhat but it’s much better than before, according to my wife.

  2. LouisMonroe | August 16, 2017

    It’s a good thing that Nasivent comes in packs of three or more cuz I already lost one pair. They work fine for snoring but they are a bit unstable up there.

  3. CrazyAries22 | August 2, 2017

    Luckily, Nasivent put out a new model and now it’s almost perfect. I still get a bit of a runny nose from these tubes but…something’s gotta give.

  4. Albert Douglas 05/05/2018 | May 8, 2016

    This is my first snoring aid ever. I finally came to terms that I have a problem that not only affects my health but also my wife’s ability to rest throughout the night. The device itself is pretty comfortable and opens my air passages quite a bit. According to my wife, it apparently reduces snoring both in length and volume but doesn’t completely eliminate it.

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