SleepPro Custom

SleepPro provides its users with clinically proven devices recommended by renowned medical professionals as the first line of “defense” against snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The company was founded back in 1998 and has since helped thousands of people get a good night’s sleep at very budget-friendly prices.  

This mini-review will focus on Sleep Pro Custom, one of the top-selling MADs in the company’s portfolio. So, if snoring and OSA are preventing you from getting a good night’s rest, keep on reading to learn how to solve your problems once and for all.  

sleeppro custom

What We Liked About SleepPro Custom

Right off the bat, we’ll provide a list of some prominent factors that caught our attention. Here are some of the things we liked about SleepPro Custom: 

  • It’s a highly effective device that prevents snoring and OSA 
  • The device is custom-made for a perfect fit 
  • It’s very easy to use and doesn’t cause discomfort, irritation or soreness 
  • It’s recommended by reputable Sleep Disorder Clinics and doctors from all over the world 
  • It doesn’t contain latex or BPA 
  • It’s affordable

SleepPro also offers the results of a completely independent research done by medical scientists at Papworth Hospital in the UK, one of the most famous centers for heart and sleep disorder research. They gave two key recommendations after their testing circuit: 

  • SleepPro Custom should be used as first-line treatment for any form of snoring and mild OSA 
  • SleepPro Custom should be used as an alternative to CPAP machines in treating moderate OSA 

How SleepPro Custom Works

When you place your order, the company will send you a professional dental impression kit, which you can use to create a perfect impression of your teeth. You can do this at home, which is yet another benefit of the SleepPro business model. The procedure is very easy to do and the provided instructions will leave zero room for errors. If you lose the manual, you can also download it online.

Once you have your impression, all you have to do is send it back to SleepPro in the provided packet. In just a couple of days, the company will create a personalized anti-snoring mouthpiece using your dental impression.

SleepPro Custom Price

SleepPro offers 4 different pricing options: 

  • Custom (203.46$) – Buy the device with one payment      
  • Custom + 1 Extra (308.47$) – Buy 2 devices with one payment 
  • Custom (203.46$ in 3 stages) – This option allows you to purchase the device with 3 monthly payments
  • Custom + 1 Extra (308.47$ in 5 monthly stages) – This allows you to buy the dual pack with 5 monthly payments

If you’ve already purchased SleepPro Custom in the last 6 months, you’ll receive a 20% discount. Shipping to UK addresses is free of charge, but for all other locations, you should add shipping costs to the overall price of the product.  

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