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UPDATED Apr. 2018


If an anti-snoring solution works for someone else but does not work for you, it is often because the cause of your snoring problem is not the same and you need a different type of snoring aid. Since snoring aids are normally sold over the counter, without consultations with a doctor, snorers often misdiagnose their problem and buy a solution that is not right for them, wasting both money and time. With ZenSleep, you cannot make this mistake since it brings you all possible solutions in one anti-snoring system. If this sounds like an interesting concept, keep reading this ZenSleep review.

This product is ranked #3 on our Best Tongue Retaining Devices list.
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What Is ZenSleep?

ZenSleep brings you an anti-snoring kit that contains everything you may need to sleep better and eliminate your persistent snoring problem. It includes ZenGuard, a tongue-retaining mouthguard, ZenVents, nose vents that prevent obstructions of nasal airflow, ZenStrap, a chin strap that holds your lower jaw in place and your mouth shut during sleep, ZenMask, a sleeping mask that blocks light, and ZenPlugs, earplugs that block ambient noises, including snoring. The most interesting product is ZenGuard, which employs suction in order to keep your tongue inside the silicone device during sleep.

As you can see, ZenSleep has all of your needs covered and offers solutions for all types of snoring problems. You can give all of the products in the kit a try and stick with the one or ones that work best for you. It is a unique solution for all snoring issues and we were more than happy to explore its features and effectiveness for the purpose of this ZenSleep review.

How Is It Different?

The very fact that it does not focus on only one cause of snoring makes ZenSleep different than most anti-snoring solutions out there. It allows you to keep your nasal airways open, keep your tongue from falling back, adjust the position of your lower jaw, keep your mouth closed, and even block out annoying sounds and light that may force you to wake up before you get enough sleep.

What is also important to note is that ZenSleep products are clinically tested and brought to you after years of clinical research. They are made of safe materials, including BPA-free, medical-grade silicone. According to the company’s website, ZenSleep anti-snoring kit has 99.8% customer rating and thousands of 5-star reviews. This sounded almost too good to be true, so we decided to take it for a test run and see for ourselves if it is as good as advertised.

User Experience

ZenSleep User Experience

Testing snoring aids is not always a whole lot of fun, but in the case of ZenSleep, it was incredibly interesting and rather entertaining. The participants in our tests had quite a lot to say about ZenSleep products but we will stick to the most relevant information.

For a great number of our participants, the first impulse was to put all of the products on at the same time. Although this is an interesting idea, we advise you to try out different products one at a time in order to correctly identify the one that works for you. In the subsequent stages of our testing process, we divided participants into groups in accordance with the cause of their snoring problem.

We spent a large portion of time testing ZenGuard mouthpiece and our participants had vastly different experiences with this product. Several participants reported feeling silly wearing something that resembles a pacifier, but that the snoring did stop. Some participants, mostly females, could not bear wearing it for even a brief amount of time because it was triggering their gag reflex. A small number of participants could not fit their tongues into the device and gave up after a number of unsuccessful attempts. Most of the participants agreed that it felt strange having their tongues sucked into a silicone device, but those who managed to put it on and keep it on had positive experiences when it comes to snoring elimination.

As far as ZenVents, ZenStrap, and ZenMask are concerned, they all worked nearly perfectly for all of our participants. They were all comfortable to wear and proved to be extremely effective. ZenPlugs received somewhat lower ratings. This is because some participants stated that they do not block out the noises completely, although they are quite comfortable and well-made.

All in all, although we got diverse responses from our participants, their experiences were mostly positive, with several exceptions that were mostly related to the inability to get used to wearing ZenGuard.


ZenSleep 5 in 1 anti-snoring system costs only $95, which is a rather low price keeping in mind that you get 5 different products. Shipping is free within the US. The products can also be bought individually. ZenGuard costs $95 and you get 2 mouthguards in the pack, ZenVents cost $49, ZenStrap is $79, ZenMask is $39, and ZenPlugs cost $29. However, it makes much more sense to purchase the 5 in 1 solution, since it costs the same as ZenGuard and you practically get everything else for free.

The products are shipped the same day they are ordered, so you do not have to wait long to receive your new anti-snoring solution. If you are not satisfied, you are covered by the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Clinically tested
  • 5 in 1 solution
  • Covers all types of snoring problems
  • Made of safe, high-quality materials
  • Highly positive user experiences
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Reasonable prices


  • Some users have problems getting used to wearing ZenGuard

Bottom Line

ZenSleep offers you a unique chance to get 5 products that can help you sleep better and stop snoring at the price of an average tongue retaining device. It brings you a chin strap, a tongue-retaining device, nose vents, earplugs, and even a sleeping mask, so whatever may be preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, ZenSleep can help you breathe freely and sleep soundly. Although ZenGuard does not seem to be the right choice for everyone, all products have proved to be effective, which makes ZenSleep an anti-snoring solution well worth considering.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Mark Nosich on 04/17/2018

    This company is a complete ripoff. Check with the Scottsdale Arizona BBB website before you waste your money. They have a phone they don’t answer, an email form they don’t respond to, and a guarantee they won’t honor.

  • Submitted By Katie B on 04/15/2018

    My husband hated the idea of this product and never tried it.
    It took me several attempts to get an RMA number from the company to return the product. The response I received seemed automated–Jill T. I returned the product over two weeks ago and have USPS confirmation of delivery but have not received a refund nor have they responded to my inquiries about it. Their customer service line is NEVER available. This company is horrible. I made a complaint to the BBB–I am one of many.

  • Submitted By Julie G on 04/14/2018

    It cut my tongue and they DID NOT REFUND
    my Money after returning the device.
    Dishonest company

  • Submitted By Mark Nosich on 04/13/2018

    Beware dealing with these scammers. They have a customer service # that never gets answered, an e-mail form that never gets replied to, and just buying their product isn’t good enough, they trick you into additional charges you’ve not agreed to! In my case, “get one free” apparently means I’m gonna charge you an extra 79.00. Do yourself a favor and just Don’t!

  • Submitted By Shellie Anderson on 04/06/2018

    Zensleep is definitely a do not waste your time product! Bought it, got it, and actually got an RMA number from them, To me but that is where their customer service ends. I even sent them proof that they had actually received the product back with no response.
    Please do not waste your hard earned money on a product that is so shoddy and the customer service is even worse.

  • Submitted By Lisa D on 04/03/2018

    I wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing the zen sleep multi-pack. I tried using the ZenGuard during the day as the instructions suggested, and then again during the night. The product is not for me – I can’t sleep with my tongue sticking out of my mouth, so I decided to request a Return Merchandise Authorization, using the exact instructions given on the packing slip. I was way inside the 90 day return window. It’s been a week, and I’ve gotten no response to my several emails, and when I tried to call, I got a message saying no reps were available at this time.
    I think that for some people, this could be a great product, but it just wasn’t for me. So, purchase at your own risk!

  • Submitted By Julie Libel on 03/20/2018

    Products are extremely uncomfortable to use we both gave it a valiant effort but could not get used to the mouthguard. Have still not received a call back on an email or on a phone call after a week do not buy from this company

  • Submitted By K Tilley on 03/14/2018

    Absolutely miserable customer service. I tried using this device for a month and extremely uncomfortable. Disrupted sleep until about 4 or 5:00 am when I would pull it out so I could actually sleep. Emailed customer service so I could get authorization to send it back and instead of an authorization I got a bunch of questions. What does 100% guarantee mean to these people!!!!????
    I sent the request on March 3rd, they replied on March 6th with all their questions (and no return authorization number). I actually answered all their questions by return email right away and here we are …..8 days later 3/14/2018 , no return authorizatuion number, no reply, NOTHING!!! I am being complately ignored now.
    I tried Good Morning Snore Solution several months ago. Could not tolerate because that device does not have any protection for your tongue. When I found ZenSleep, I thought it might work as it has a a sleeve that protects your tongue from your teeth. I really wanted it to work but I think the fact that it seems much larger than Good Morning Snore Solution it is just too big for my mouth. The Good Morning Snore company has OUTSTANDING service. Immediately sent me a return authorization, shipping address label and followed up after I had my money back to make sure I got my refund. Good Morning Snore Solution will probably be in business a long time as they honor THEIR guarantee!

  • Submitted By Mary Ann Tripp on 02/13/2018

    In good faith I paid for a product the anti snoring pillow that was offered to me in an email. This was in Sept 2017. As I did not receive the product, in February 2018 I requested a refund. I was told in a number of on line Chats that the finance department was notified and my refund would be processed. “Wait for an email to confirm”. The email never came. I have not been notified of a refund I have not received a refund. Beware of this company.

  • Submitted By Jeremy Foxx on 02/06/2018

    I don’t understand people complaining about getting 5 devices for the price of 1. Come on, people, it’s meant to help you figure out what works best for you, so you don’t have to spend money on more devices. I use zenguard and it’s not perfect, but it’s better than other mouthguards I’ve tried.


  • Submitted By Simon Fassett on 02/02/2018

    Why is everyone just talking about customer support? I mean, I understand the frustration, but people want to know whether the devices work, and yes, they do.


  • Submitted By Tom Wilcox on 01/30/2018

    The plugs are useless, the strap is good, the mask is fine, it’s just a mask, the mouthguard is too uncomfortable. Didn’t use the vents.

  • Submitted By VICKIE D MOORE on 01/29/2018
    I have sleep apnea and ordered the kit thinking that if the product didn’t work for me I could return it within 90 days. When I received the product I decided not to open the pkg (I have moderate sleep apnea and probably wouldn’t work for me). I called Zen Sleep several times and amazingly I got a human being who gave me a return authorization #. I later noticed they never give a full refund and charge a 25% restocking fee. I have tried to call and email to ask whether they would charge the fee if the pkg was unopened. I have trued numerous times since Jan. 19th and never received any response. Now I think that of I return the product even with the RA # I won’t get my refund. THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM!
  • Submitted By Shelia Snook on 01/10/2018
    Zen sleep product itself helps. However, I accidentally ordered two products and their customer service is terrible. Zen does not answer emails, phone calls nor do they honor the return policy. The policy states one needs to contact them for an Return “number” but Zen makes a point to never return your phone call or email (I have left several messages and sent several emails!)
    Yet they have no problem sending automated emails asking your evaluation of the product. The pricing is “all over the board” if one does some research. I recommend looking for the same type of product with a different company.

  • Submitted By Shelia Snook on 01/10/2018
    Terrible (really terrible) customer service. They do not honor their return policy. The policy says to contact them for an RMA number to return. However, they do not answer calls nor emails! (I have sent several). The product is okay but research proves the pricing varies. I would highly recommend NOT buying from Zen but to look for similar products somewhere else.
  • Submitted By Jennifer on 12/17/2017
    Zensleep has horrible customer service. They do not contact you back if it is regarding a refund. They do not honor their return policy and refund your money. Read the return policy before ordering. In order to return the product must be unused and still in the packaging.  I would not recommend ordering from this company.
  • Submitted By Greg Long on 11/02/2017
    Tongue device for me was extremely uncomfortable. Tried to get used to it but became zombie like from lack of sleep. The chin strap would not fit my head. Company is impossible to contact. Left many messages to call me. Going to return product. Am worried about their return policy. It would be hard for me to recommend
  • Submitted By William Foster on 08/25/2017
    The strap worked perfectly for me and my wife is using the mask because she likes to sleep in late on weekends. We couldn’t be happier. I am thinking of giving the other stuff as gifts to my friends, since I didn’t use them and it is obviously working.
  • Submitted By Alicia Starling on 08/04/2017
    Hated ZenGuard and the other products didn’t work for me.
  • Submitted By Marissa Crawford on 07/15/2017
    I have all kinds of allergies so ZenVents were a great discovery. I just wish I hadn’t spent the money on the entire kit, since I only use the vents and the sleeping mask.
  • Submitted By Delia Heald on 06/15/2017
    Bought the kit for my husband, he tried it all and only ZenGuard seems to work, but he really doesn’t like wearing it.
ZenSleep Review
Updated : 2018-04-25
Rating : 8.1/10