Theravent Review
UPDATED Apr. 2018


Every single person in the world deserves a good night’s sleep. This also means that no one should endure their partner’s snoring forever. In this Theravent review, we’ll test their claims of providing their customers with the ultimate peace and quiet throughout the night. The company is currently doing their best to eradicate the problem for good and develop solutions for all types of primary snoring.

This product is ranked #1 on our Best Anti-Snoring Nasal Strips list.

What Is Theravent Snore Therapy?

Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy is an anti-snoring device that efficiently prevents snoring. You will receive a small adhesive device that covers the nostrils, and as you breathe in, Theravent’s patented MicroValve Technology will open. The valves close as you breathe out, creating gentle pressure that naturally opens your airway and relieves snoring.

How Is It Different?

Theravent Device

Theravent uses the same technology as Provent Therapy, which is a prescription device for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). They have developed their own technology, designed to create expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP). EPAP can stop snoring by increasing the pressure inside the airway. Theravent is able to turn your own snoring into anti-snoring! It uses the power of your breathing to create EPAP, which then stops snoring.

Unlike other devices that prevent snoring, all Theravent requires from you is to apply the device before bed. No mouthpieces, no machines, no sprays, and definitely no drugs – just additional silence.

Theravent’s snore therapy is unbelievably soft and comfortable. If you have ever used snoring aids, you know that they can get rather uncomfortable and impractical. On the other hand, you should get used to Theravent the first night you start using it. After a few nights, you’ll hardly even notice that it’s there.

User Experience

For some people, Theravent strips may not be comfortable at first. That’s why you should give it a week or so before you decide whether it’s working for you or not. On the other hand, many people get used to wearing Theravent in one night. If you feel uncomfortable in the morning, you can simply remove the strip and use a fresh aid the following night.

The best way to use Theravent is to make sure the area around and under your nose is clean and that the skin is not irritated. You may want to wash the area with some lukewarm water and pat with a towel until it’s completely dry. Next, remove the backing and softly but firmly press the strip against your nose so that the mesh part covers both of your nostrils. When you go to bed, breathe through your mouth first. Once you fall asleep, you will automatically start breathing through your nose.


The basic package that the company offers stands at $22.98, which also includes shipping. Theravent say they understand that “not all snorers are created equally” and that what works for one customer may not be ideal for another, so they created three varieties, for light, moderate, and heavy snorers.

There’s also a limited-time offer of $7.99 for one Theravent Trial Pack that comes with two nights each of Theravent Lite, Regular, and Max. If you buy the trial pack, you also receive a $5 coupon for your first purchase of any 30-day pack. Speaking of 30-day packs, they cost $29.99, amounting to a single dollar per night.

Unfortunately, Theravent is not a device that you buy once. It’s quite the opposite, actually. You have to purchase it repeatedly, which won’t be that cheap on a yearly basis, but hey – you ought to value your sleep.

  • Efficient and reliable
  • Comfortable
  • Great customer support
  • Free shipping


  • Odd taste in your mouth after each night
  • You have to buy it again at the end of each month

Bottom Line

By the end of our Theravent review, we‘ve decided to give it a thumbs up. What changed our mind is the vast amount of positive feedback the product has received, which is somewhat odd. It’s highly unlikely we will ever again come across a simple anti-snoring product that works for pretty much everyone.

If you snore, the first thing you should do is talk to your doctor about your problem in order to eliminate other potential causes that might need medical intervention. You should also inform your doctor that you want to use Theravent and check with them whether it’s ok. You might also want to take some additional measures that can reduce snoring, including working out on a regular basis and eating a healthy diet.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Dave on 02/25/2018

    This device didn’t work at all for me. It may be a good solution for others. It’s easy to inhale, but the valving is such that it didn’t allow enough airflow for me to exhale without exhaling through my mouth. Therefore, I was sleeping with my mouth open all night and the snoring became worse. Even the starter strips did not allow enough airflow.

  • Submitted By Aida Colvin on 02/09/2018

    It helps but do you really have to replace it every night? I mean, I’m pretty sure it could last longer. Has anyone tried using the same strip for more than one night?


  • Submitted By Harold Johnson on 01/30/2018

    I haven’t stopped snoring completely, but I can definitely feel the difference, we can both finally sleep through the night. I think the adhesive is a bit too strong, but I guess it has to be.


  • Submitted By Michael Jenkins on 01/29/2018

    It does the trick, more or less, but it’s pretty unpleasant, I’m not sure I can get used to it.


  • Submitted By JJ on 01/29/2018
    Been using for about 40 nights with huge improvement. Was $20.00 for a 20pak now CVS jumped up their price to $25.00 will have to shop other retailers not worth more than a dollar a night. Have skinny strips of medical tape on standby to assist with a loosened strip. The more you manipulate the strip the less it adheres, the tape helps it stay put if placed correctly and away from the “venting” holes.
  • Submitted By Paul F on 01/14/2018
    After 30-25 years of hard snoring this stopped it the first night. Amazing product. Don’t know why it costs so much, a dollar a night, it’ shouldn’t cost more than a bad -aid. Try it for a week. Dry mouth is my only complaint but it’s worth it.

  • Submitted By Clark White on 07/03/2017
    I think I got a slight irritation from wearing it but it definitely helped me with my snoring problem.

  • Submitted By Jerry Munson on 08/05/2016
    So thankful to whoever invented Theravent. The best snoring aid I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. So trust me, if you snore a lot, go get yourself some theravent ASAP!


  • Submitted By Mikey Jones on 07/01/2016
    I have had a serious snoring problem ever since my teens. I have tried this and that but I gotta say I am not a fan of those oral devices. They never feel quite right, they make my mouth sore and sometimes I get paranoid about accidentally swallowing them. When a neighbor (who probably heard my snoring from way over across the street!) told me about TheraVent, I thought no way a small piece of adhesive can solve my problem. But guess what? It did! I love TheraVent so much I keep ranting about it at work and to all my friends.


  • Submitted By Lucas Andrzeyevsky on 06/27/2016
    I love that Theravent is so discreet and comfortable. Not at all weird like some other snoring devices. It’s small and convenient but more importantly it really does work! The price is very fair, too. I got the Regular kind and I think I’m sticking to it. I might even get TheraVent Lite for my wife, who doesn’t snore that much but could still use some help.


  • Submitted By Blythe B. on 05/17/2016
    Terrific snoring aid. I got TheraVent Max for my fiancé who is a horrible snorer and we’re both so happy with the results.


  • Submitted By Eleanore Rodgers on 05/12/2016
    Both me and my dear husband Frank have been using Theravent for six months now. I cannot even imagine sleeping without it. It’s so tiny so you can take it everywhere with you. Last month we took it with us when we went cruising and we slept like babies.


  • Submitted By AngelaStewart on 04/06/2016
    I bought this to reduce my snoring, which has become louder in the past few months. I didn’t see any particular progress, though. Honestly, I am not very satisfied with the product.


  • Submitted By PaigeStellarSnorer on 02/04/2016
    I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and there is an improvement. The snoring isn’t completely gone, but it’s much quieter, so that’s something.


  • Submitted By SnoringStop on 01/25/2016
    I decided to get this device because it doesn’t include all those contraptions that you have to fit in your mouth. Theravent is much easier to use, but I think that it should be improved somehow because it isn’t really that effective.


  • Submitted By DianaLucas 06/27/2016
    I didn’t notice any difference, I still snore.


  • Submitted By AlabamaZzz on 06/15/2016
    This looks like a band aid with holes. I felt silly putting it on, not to mention that my snoring virtually remained the same – still loud and very much annoying.


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Theravent Review
Updated : 2018-04-18
Rating : 8.5/10