Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Review

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CPAP masks belong to the category of Class II Medical Devices. As such, they require a medical prescription. Before purchasing a CPAP mask, please consult with your doctor or medical provider.

If you have ever woken up after a long night struggling with sleep apnea, you probably understand what a good night of sleep is really worth. For the millions of people around the world who struggle with sleep apnea, relief can be hard to come by. However, thanks to the hard work of sleep medicine doctors around the world, CPAP masks have been developed into a game changer for the sleep disorder. We’re going to talk about a specific type of CPAP mask today in our Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask review. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of this full face CPAP mask while showing you its various features.

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What Is Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask?

We’re going to start our Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask review by discussing what Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask actually is. If you understand what sleep apnea is, then you know that the primary cause of the sleep disorder is collapsing action in your airways. Full face CPAP masks like this one work to introduce positive pressure into your airways so as to subvert that collapse. Your Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask fits firmly on your face with the front cushion making a seal around your mouth and nose.

This specific CPAP mask is what we call a ‘full face’ mask, meaning it covers both your nose and your mouth. There are other CPAP masks available that focus on either your nose or your mouth. Full face masks are ideal for people who can’t breathe through their nose well or who want a mask that covers all of the bases at once.

How Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Works

When you struggle with sleep apnea, it is due in large part to your airway becoming problematic during your sleep. CPAP masks like Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask work to fix the positive pressure flow in your airways, thus counteracting potential problems. With that being said, Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is more than just another full face mask – this one comes with a few unique twists.

To start off with, full face CPAP masks need to be incredibly comfortable in order to be effective at what they do. This CPAP mask features FlexiFoam contouring cushion, which allows your mask to form to the curvature of your face. The Frosted SIlicone Seal also works to make sure that your CPAP mask has a complete and effective seal in place. Finally, Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask sports a special mask base called the T-Piece that improves stability, your seal, and your overall mask function.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Fitting Guide

If you want to order up your own mask – and hopefully our Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask review wins you over – you need to take some time to follow the fitting process. Making sure that your CPAP mask fits is the most important step in your journey toward beating sleep apnea. So, how do you do this?

Well, first you need to download the sizing sheet that has been made available by Fisher & Paykel. Once that is done, you need to acquire a pair of scissors in order to cut out the various templates. With the templates printed out, you can hold them up to your own face in order to find out which size CPAP mask is right for you.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Maintenance

Maintenance for your mask is incredibly simple but also incredibly important. With any full face CPAP mask, you need to get into the habit of daily cleaning. Focus on using warm water and a mild detergent in order to scrub all of the primary components of your mask. Once that is done, you can consider adding a sanitizer to your routine. Otherwise, allow your CPAP mask some time to air dry before using it again.

Who Should Buy Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask?

Full face CPAP masks are a unique type of CPAP masks due to the sheer amount of coverage that they offer. These full face masks are great for people who struggle with nasal problems, such as allergies or nasal polyps, and they are also excellent for people who can only breathe through their mouth at night.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is also an ideal mask for people who sleep on their backs and are not prone to excessive movement. Due to the nature of the mask, it can be hard to wear this product if you like to shuffle in your sleep or rest on your side. If you are extremely picky about how you sleep, this may not be the right product for you.

What Users Think About Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask.

In our Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask review, we praised the fact that this CPAP mask is uniquely comfortable and easy to wear. Let us now take a look at what users are saying about this mask.

Compliments – Customers who have used this mask have also praised it for being lightweight and easy to wear while reading or watching television. Customers loved the simple fitting process and found it relatively easy to do.

Complaints – Unfortunately, things aren’t all positive. On the negative side of the equation, people were rightly annoyed by the high price tag on this CPAP mask. Additionally, the headgear supplied by Fisher & Paykel for use with this mask was relatively uncomfortable at times.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask Cost & Refund Policy

Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask costs $286.00.

If you are going to be spending premium money on a CPAP mask, then it only makes sense that you have some sort of recourse in case the product ends up being unsatisfactory. The manufacturers at Fisher & Paykel offer a 14-day return policy so long as your product is unopened and accompanied by a valid receipt. The truth is that most companies that manufacture CPAP products do not offer generous returns or refunds for their products due to the nature of the industry and the inability for these companies to refurbish or recycle used products.

Fisher & Paykel Forma Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • FlexiFoam cushion keeps you comfortable all night
  • Advanced frosted silicone seal keeps pressure level
  • Special stabilizing T-Piece keeps the mask in place
  • High price tag
  • Headgear system isn’t as comfortable as it should be
  • Users can’t lay on their stomachs with this full face mask


Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face CPAP Mask is an expensive anti-sleep apnea device that does a lot of things well. We like the quality materials and the innovative design from Fisher & Paykel. We also acknowledge that the price for this device is high enough to scare off a fair number of people. With that being said, if you start using this CPAP mask in your battle against sleep apnea, you likely won’t be sorry.

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