Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask Review

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CPAP masks belong to the category of Class II Medical Devices. As such, they require a medical prescription. Before purchasing a CPAP mask, please consult with your doctor or medical provider.

If you struggle with sleep apnea, then you no doubt understand the true value of a night’s rest. Only when we lose the ability to comfortably sleep do we realize what it is that we are actually losing.  Sleep apnea is a chronic sleep disorder that can affect men, women, and children of all ages, physical attributes, and personality types. While there are certain triggers that can exacerbate sleep apnea, there seems to be no rhyme or reason why some people suffer from it while others do not. With that being said, sleep scientists have been working day and night to address the problem. One of the solutions to sleep apnea in terms of treating the problem is the CPAP mask. CPAP masks are an incredibly popular approach to treating and managing sleep apnea and today we are going to highlight one of the top masks on the market. Keep on reading our Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask review to find out if this CPAP mask can meet all your needs.


What Is Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask?

CPAP masks are special products that are designed for people who struggle with sleep apnea. These masks, which come in a variety of different styles, are worn throughout the night so as to help the user breathe through a special form of sleep therapy. Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask is one of these masks. The goal of this mask is to provide the wearer with the kind of sleep therapy that they need in order to get a night of quality rest.

How Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask Works

In this section of our Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask review, we will talk about how exactly this special full face CPAP mask works. In order to do this, let’s first break down how CPAP masks work in a general sense by talking about the different varieties that are used for treating sleep apnea.

Nasal Masks – Small and simple masks, nasal CPAP masks seal around your nose.

Nasal Pillows – These flexible CPAP masks seal around your nose and do not seal around your mouth.

Hybrids –  These masks are less bulky versions of full face masks.

Oral Masks – These masks are designed to wear around your mouth and are ideal for people who struggle to breathe through their nose.

Full Face Masks – This is where the Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face mask fits. These masks are designed to cover your nose and your mouth so as to provide you with optimum airflow.

With this broad overview complete, we can talk more about how Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask specifically functions. With full face CPAP masks, like Drive ComfortFit Deluxe, the mask covers your entire face in a triangular shape. With the mask firmly affixed to your face and the hoses properly connected to your CPAP machine, you will benefit from what is known as continuous positive airway pressure therapy. While you sleep, with the mask correctly fitted to your face, air pressure will be increased within your throat so as to prevent the nightly collapse that is systemic of obstructive sleep apnea.

Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask Sizing Guide

As with many other prominent CPAP masks, Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask comes in three different sizes in order to make sure that you are comfortable while you rest. The sizes are small, medium, and large. It is incredibly important to make sure that you get the right size mask for your face because an improperly fitted CPAP mask will not be effective. Drive Medical, the team behind Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask, does not have a public sizing guide for their product. However, to ensure that you get the mask that fits your face, reach out to their customer support line for a consultation.

Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask Maintenance

If you are going to use a CPAP mask in order to treat your sleep apnea, you need to get into the habit of following proper maintenance and cleaning instructions. Anything that goes on or near your face needs to be properly taken care of on a regular basis. Here are the steps that we suggest taking in order to keep your CPAP mask in good shape:

  1. Use mild soap and warm water to wash your mask.
  2. Wash all of the components of your mask as well.
  3. Let your mask air-dry before using again.
  4. Pay special attention to cracks, wear and tear or any discoloration.

As you can see throughout our Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask review, this special full face CPAP mask is a durable product that can help you fight sleep apnea. With that being said, you still need to hold up your end of the bargain by following a proper maintenance schedule.

Who Should Buy Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask?

CPAP masks can be one of the most effective and easy ways to treat your sleep apnea. We highlighted several different types of masks while also going over what makes full face masks like Drive ComfortFit Deluxe work so well. With that information outlined, who should add this mask to their bedside table?

If you are someone who struggles with sleep apnea while also dealing with potential allergies or colds, then Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask is the mask for you. Additionally, if you’ve found yourself incapable of using nasal masks, this product may be just perfect for your needs. Essentially, if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, you can’t go wrong with this mask.

What Users Think About Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask

While we have nothing but words of praise for Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask, it seems only fair to include comments from other customers. Mask effectiveness can change depending on the user so we have to make sure to give you a well-rounded view of their opinions.

Compliments – The overwhelming majority of customers enjoyed the mask for its tight and comfortable fit. The silicone rubber holds up well and doesn’t feel ‘suffocating’ while being worn. Customers also liked the convenient straps and the ease by which they could put on and take off the mask. Finally, customers appreciated the relatively low price-point for the product.

Complaints – While light, people who didn’t like the feeling of full face pressure had trouble wearing this mask on a nightly basis.  The mask is also only available via prescription, which turned off some users.

Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask Cost & Refund Policy

CPAP masks aren’t as cheap as other sleep apnea treatment devices, but they are quite effective. With Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask, you have three different products to choose from: the small, medium, and large version of the mask – all supplied with headgear. Each mask is regularly priced at $149.99, but there are frequent discounts, so you can purchase your mask for $99.99. Additionally, refunds for Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask are the same as for most other CPAP masks: the product must be unused, in original packaging, and returned within 30 days.

Drive ComfortFit Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Maximum coverage
  • Effective for mouth breathers
  • Relatively affordable
  • Made of high-quality components
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • Feels lightweight when being worn
  • Lack of fitting instructions online
  • Available only with a prescription
  • Can feel clunky, even though it is lightweight
  • Cannot return the mask once you use it


As you can see from our Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask review, this is an affordable and effective mask that can be used to successfully treat sleep apnea. If you sleep on your back or breathe through your nose, there isn’t a better option on the market available to you.

User Reviews (3)

Drive ComfortFit Deluxe Full Face CPAP Mask customer rating based on 3 user reviews.

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  1. Lauren Lloyd | May 19, 2018

    This mask is a bit uncomfortable for me and the hard plastic really starts cutting into my skin after a while. I try to remedy dates by loosening up the straps, but then it just mashes into my face when I sleep on my side. All in all, it does the job but definitely not comfortable enough for me.

  2. Catherine Holloway | January 12, 2018

    It fits perfectly and it’s all I ever needed when it comes to my cpap needs. The price was great too.

  3. Ken Waters | December 22, 2017

    this works pretty well for me but the size just feels off. I’d definitely like to see an extra size between medium and large.

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