How Does Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Work?

Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow is a unique smart pillow that relies on special technology to successfully reduce and eliminate snoring caused by oral airflow obstructions. In this post, we explore the way it works and point to some of its most prominent features.

How Does Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Work

An Innovative Solution

This smart pillow is designed to detect snoring and move your head to an optimal position in order to eliminated obstructions. Once snoring is detected, the air chambers within the pillow slowly and silently inflate, moving your head to the side. Thus, it straightens the soft tissues in the back of your throat and prevents vibrations that cause snoring while also creating a greater distance between your throat and your tongue. This allows air to flow freely through the oral cavity and minimizes or completely eliminates snoring.

Clinical Tests

Does Smart Anti-Snore Pillow

Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow is clinically tested. It has proved to be highly effective in several trials. The results of a field-test conducted on 157 patients have shown that this smart pillow reduces snoring levels by 67% on average. This means that a significant reduction is to be expected with all snorers who suffer from obstructions of oral airflow. In some cases, snoring does not occur at all while using the pillow.

Nitetronic smart pillow yields the best results if you sleep on the back or the side. However, it can be greatly effective in any other sleeping position; just remember that it is necessary for your head to remain on the pillow throughout the night in order for the snoring aid to work properly.

Keep Track Of Your Snoring Levels

The pillow comes with a specially designed app that allows you to monitor your sleep. This app lets you gain a deeper insight into the quality of your sleep and also enables you to keep track of the reductions in your snoring levels. As sleep trackers normally cost between $50 and $400, this is a great feature that is sure to be appreciated by many snorers.

Keeping all this in mind, we can conclude that Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow is a highly effective and advanced anti-snoring solution that we warmly recommend.

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