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UPDATED Apr. 2018


Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow is not a typical anti-snoring pillow. It is a snoring aid that employs sophisticated technology to significantly reduce or even completely eliminate snoring. Its effectiveness has been proven in clinical studies and the time has come for our team to find out what makes this smart pillow one of the finest anti-snoring solutions of its kind currently available. We bring you the results of our research in this comprehensive Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow review.

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What Is Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow?

Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow is a smart pillow designed to help you stop snoring as soon as you start using it. Thanks to the advanced technology it employs, the pillow detects snoring and gently turns your head to the side through subtle movements. This way, it increases the distance between your throat and your tongue while also straightening the soft tissues in the back of your mouth and throat, which inevitably leads to a significant reduction in snoring levels.

The pillow comes with a smartphone app that allows you to monitor the effects of Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow. You can keep track of the improvements in sleep quality, as well as the reduction of snoring and see for yourself whether this pillow actually works for you.

How Is It Different?

As we have already suggested in this Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow review, the main difference between this pillow and many other anti-snoring pillows lies in the fact that it is a smart pillow, that is, that it employs advanced technology to solve your snoring issues. When it detects the sound of snoring, it slowly inflates in order to move your head to a position in which snoring is least likely to occur. This innovative approach makes it one of the most effective anti-snoring pillows on the market.

Nitetronic Pillow how Different

While it is not the only smart pillow that works, it is unique in more than one way. First of all, both you and your partner can use it and each pillow will only be activated by the sound of snoring of the individual using it.

What also makes Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow an excellent anti-snoring solution is the fact that it can help you stop snoring regardless of your sleeping position, as long as your head remains on the pillow. It can be used by both men and women with equal effectiveness and it is completely safe to use, with no known side effects.

User Experience

Clinical tests have shown that Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow is highly successful in reducing and eliminating snoring. The results of an empirical field-test that involved 157 snorers showed that Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow managed to reduce snoring by 67% on average, which is a rather impressive result.

The results of the tests conducted by our team are in line with these findings. Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow did not only significantly reduce snoring in the majority of cases but also proved to be a good solution for both back and side sleepers. Our participants were also happy to be given the opportunity to monitor their snoring levels and sleep quality via the smartphone app and considered this to be an extremely useful additional feature.

The pillow is comfortable, but if you are used to sleeping on a feather pillow, it may take a couple of days to get used to sleeping on this foam pillow. However, you can always place another pillow underneath Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow if you need extra support. The effects are noticeable as soon as you start using it and the adjustment period normally takes no more than 10 days.


Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow costsĀ $279. The shipping costs depend on your location. While this price may seem a bit high, we did not expect it to be lower, considering the technology the pillow employs. If you have already spent a lot of money on snoring aids that are not effective, you know that a solution that actually works is more than worth the price.

  • Sophisticated technology
  • Highly effective
  • Rather comfortable
  • Non-invasive
  • Short adjustment period
  • Works in all sleeping positions


  • Relatively high price

Bottom Line

Nitetronic Goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow is a unique smart pillow that has numerous advantages in comparison to other anti-snoring pillows. It is not only highly effective, comfortable, and rather easy to get used to, but it also allows you to monitor your snoring levels via the Nitetronic smartphone app and can be used regardless of your sleeping position. It comes at a somewhat higher price, but it is definitely worth a try.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Laura Audley on 09/13/2016
    Don’t give up because of the price, this pillow really works! My husband has tried everything but this is the only snoring aid that actually helped. The app is great too, you can find out everything about your sleep, great idea!
  • Submitted By Tim Costa on 08/23/2016
    Too expensive and from my experience, not too good for stomach sleepers.
  • Submitted By Barbara Thompson on 05/26/2016
    It does help, but my husband still snores, just less. I expected it to help him stop snoring completely, considering we paid $300!


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Nitetronic Pillow Review
Updated : 2018-04-25
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