Zyppah Return Policy

UPDATED May. 2024

You may already know that Zyppah is one of the most popular and effective snoring aids on the market. It is a revolutionary device that both stabilizes your tongue and repositions your lower jaw, which makes it twice as likely to help you stop snoring in comparison to other anti-snoring solutions. However, as no anti-snoring device can work in absolutely all cases, it is good to know that if you are not satisfied, you can return Zyppah hassle-free.

Zyppah Return Policy

Zyppah Return Guarantee

Your Zyppah device comes with a 90-day return guarantee. This amount of time should be more than enough to determine whether you have made the right choice, especially since Zyppah should help you stop snoring right away. However, the experience of users has shown that for some people, getting used to wearing Zyppah can be somewhat difficult. Therefore, in most cases, it is not the ineffectiveness of the device that makes people decide to return it, but the soreness that troubles some users. In case you experience such soreness and even after three months you still do not feel comfortable while using it, you can contact Zyppah’s customer support and ask them to grant you an extension of the guarantee period. This is not unusual and chances are that your request will gladly be granted.


Another way to have your guarantee period extended is to purchase the SNAP cleanser along with your Zyppah device. This product is recommended for proper device maintenance. It is both a cleaner and a sanitizer, so if you use it, there is no need to use mouthwash as well. If you decide to purchase SNAP, the guarantee period is extended for an additional 90 days.

With Zyppah, you get plenty of time to decide whether you want to continue using the device or you want your money back. The possibility to extend the guarantee period upon request is not something many companies offer and it is another fine example of Zyppah’s significant efforts to make its users happy. Therefore, we can conclude that purchasing Zyppah is completely risk-free. You really have nothing to lose.

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