Does Zyppah Work?

UPDATED May. 2024

Zyppah is a completely unique anti-snoring device that is characterized by double effectiveness, which is ensured by the employment of both mandibular advancement and tongue stabilizing technologies. Users often find it appealing due to the range of distinctively attractive designs it is available in, but what is much more important is that it really does work as advertised. In this text, we will focus on the features of this device that make it one of the most effective snoring aids on the market.

Does Zyppah Work

Two-In-One Solution

What makes Zyppah different from other snoring aids is that it is a hybrid device. It does not only adjust the position of your lower jaw like mandibular advancement devices, it also keeps your tongue in place, which is the main function of tongue retaining devices. Thus, it prevents your lower jaw from obstructing oral airflow while simultaneously preventing your tongue from falling back and blocking the airway. That means that with Zyppah, you get the benefits of two distinct anti-snoring devices in one, which is one of the main reasons why it is superior to most other anti-snoring devices.

Developed By A Veritable Expert

The creator of Zyppah is Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, a dentist with over 30 years of experience who studied bioengineering. This brilliant man used his vast knowledge to create a revolutionary device that can help snorers start breathing freely. Therefore, Zyppah is not just another anti-snoring solution of suspicious quality, but a carefully developed device characterized by state-of-the-art design, created by a reputable expert.

Immediate Results

Immediate Results Zyppah

What is amazing about Zyppah is that it helps you stop snoring as soon as you start wearing it. It may take some time to get used to wearing it, but you will notice the results immediately. Both our tests and the experience of numerous users point to its instant effectiveness. That is why we can conclude that Zyppah really can help you stop snoring.

However, if by any chance it turns out that Zyppah does not work for you, this may mean that your snoring problem is more serious than you thought and that you may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. In that case, we advise you to see a doctor as soon as possible and consider using Zyppah prescription device designed particularly for treating sleep apnea. You also need not worry about the money you spend on Zyppah because it comes with a 90-day return guarantee.

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