Smart Nora And Sleep Apnea

Smart Nora is a revolutionary contact-free snoring solution specifically designed to solve your snoring problems without waking you up in the middle of the night. The device listens to you throughout the night and reacts when it detects early snoring sounds. It then starts a series of gentle motions that stimulate your throat muscles and allow you to continue breathing normally. The snoring sounds will be caught before they get too loud and wake you or your partner up. 

Smart Nora can be used regardless of your sleeping position, helping you deal with your snoring problems in a simple, non-intrusive way. Since Nora is such an effective device against snoring, you may be wondering whether it can help you with sleep apnea as well.

Smart Nora And Sleep Apnea

Just Good For Snoring

We first have to point out that Smart Nora is not a medical device. It is stated on the official website that people with sleep apnea and other medical conditions should not consider it as a replacement for treatments and products prescribed by their physician. In other words, Smart Nora is a poor substitute for CPAP machines designed to deal with sleep apnea. You can definitely use Smart Nora along with the treatment prescribed for your sleep apnea problems. It will help with snoring, but it shouldn’t be used as a solitary solution for this serious condition.

Bottom line, Smart Nora is an excellent snoring solution that will help you resolve your snoring problems without even so much as waking your partner up. Having said that, we do not recommend using it as an exclusive treatment for your nightly breathing difficulties caused by sleep apnea.

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