SnoreRx Review
UPDATED Mar. 2018


There is literally a myriad of devices and solutions that promise to help you stop snoring, but as we all know, not all of them actually work. We are happy to bring you this detailed SnoreRx review, depicting has a unique, efficient, and reliable anti-snoring device that is both easy to use and delivers exactly what it promises.

What Is SnoreRx

SnoreRx Review

SnoreRx belongs to the group of oral anti-snoring aids or, more precisely, to the group of mandibular advancement devices. This is one of the most reliable and convenient types of anti-snoring aids and the market is flooded with different versions based, more or less, on the same concept.

SnoreRx follows the same principles as other mandibular advancement devices. When placed inside the oral cavity, it holds the jaw in the forward position, which, also prevents the tongue from dropping to the back of the mouth, causing snoring. With SnoreRx, the tongue and the jaw are in their right position, the airflow is normal, and the throat muscles do not vibrate.

SnoreRx has been made entirely in the United States. It uses the safest materials available and has been FDA-approved. As the manufacturer’s website states, it meets and in some aspects even exceeds all the established medical and dental standards. It’s compatible with Medicaid as well. Furthermore, it has been certified and endorsed by the AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine), the most important organization in the field of sleep disorders and issues.

How Is It Different

As we said, SnoreRx is based on the same principles as other snoring aids of its kind. However, there are several huge differences between SnoreRx and the rest that make this particular device an absolute leader on the market and put it way ahead of the competitors’ products.

The biggest advantage that SnoreRx has over the competitors is the fact it’s adjustable. Many people avoid mandibular advancement devices for snoring for the simple reason they feel uncomfortable and sometimes even prevent them from falling asleep and getting a good night’s rest. In some cases, ill-fitting MADs can even cause jawbone pain.

With SnoreRx, that is never an issue since this device can be calibrated up to 10 millimeters in 1 millimeter increments. This delicate calibration allows you to find the perfect fit for your SnoreRx device in your mouth and to sleep comfortably and without snoring.

In addition to this unique technology, which the company trademarked as Flex-Jaw, the SnoreRx device also has a feature called Posi-Lock, which allows it to stay in the preset position as long as you like. Also, unlike some other products on the market, SnoreRx does not make use of rubber bands and various screws and springs which often cause devices to malfunction, so that’s another bonus for this product.

SnoreRx is made of patented copolymer materials that provide maximum comfort and protection for your teeth.

Fitting The Mouthpiece

SnoreRx is an anti-snoring mouthpiece that requires molding in order to achieve the perfect fit and give the best results. What makes this aid really stand out is that it can be adjusted by 1 millimeter increments, which gives plenty of room for customization and improves the effectiveness of the device. The better the fit, the less you will snore, especially if you find the perfect forward position for your jaw by using the convenient small increments.

Before adjusting the increments, you will need to mold the device to fit your jaw perfectly, just like a dentist does when he makes dentures. To do this, you will need some water, a pot, some more fresh water and kitchen utensils like tongs or a spoon with holes in it. Bring the water to a boil in a pot (alternatively, use a microwave to boil the water, just make sure not to microwave the device itself because it will damage the material) and remove from heat. Place the device in the hot water and leave it for exactly 90 seconds. The device tends to float so you will need to keep it submerged with a spoon or tongs. Do not use a fork or a knife. After 90 seconds, quickly dip the mouthpiece in some cold water to cool it down and then place it in your mouth and bite down firmly for 30 seconds. Take the mouthpiece out of your mouth and rinse under some cold running water for 60 seconds. This will harden the material and your device will be ready to use.

Next, you will need to find the perfect adjustment for your lower jaw. Hold the mouthpiece in the reverse C position and use your fingers to keep the top part up and to push the sides forward. As you push, the lower part will move one notch forward. Move one side at a time, one notch at a time. Start with just one millimeter and if it doesn’t work (if you don’t stop snoring), move one notch further until you reach the right position.


  • Boil some water, remove from heat and submerge the mouthpiece. Leave it in for 90 seconds.
  • Remove from hot water, dip into tap water to cool it down and then bite for 30 seconds.
  • Place under cold running water for 60 seconds, then let dry.
  • Adjust the lower tray by pushing it forward by one millimeter.
  • Re-adjust by another millimeter if the snoring doesn’t stop.
  • Repeat until the right position is reached.


The SnoreRx website offers a special price for online purchases. It’s $99 for one device (compared to $129 for purchases made through other channels) and $154 for two devices (one for home and one for travel or a spare one in case something happens or you lose your primary device). Shipping is around $10, which makes sense if you consider they ship through FedEx, so it’s fast, convenient, and reliable, unlike shipping made through “snail mail.”

When it comes to the price, SnoreRx may seem cheap or expensive, depending on your point of view. If you have tried dozens of other snoring aids and none of them worked, you already spent tons of money on this issue so spending $99 for a device you will literally only buy once is definitely a bargain. On the other hand, if you are a novice in the area of snoring devices, the price may seem a bit exaggerated.

  • Amazing Flex-Jaw and Posi-Lock technology
  • Safe, reliable and FDA-approved
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Fast shipping
  • Fair price


  • Not suitable for people who wear dentures
  • Promotes salivation (drooling)
  • Soreness during the first couple of nights of use

Bottom Line

SnoreRx is a great, technologically advanced device that can definitely provide relief for long-term snorers who have been looking for the right aid. The price may seem a little high, but we believe it pays off, considering the benefits and advantages SnoreRx has over other MAD devices.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Mark Fletcher on 09/28/2017
    This thing absolutely works.   I’ve been using mine for three months now and I went from snoring like a freight train to total silence.   I do really hate one thing about it though:   the jaw adjuster self adjusts!   I will wake up in the middle of the night and find that it has fallen out because somehow the adjuster will move and it no longer fits in my mouth.   I wish I could glue it in place.   I wish even more that SnoreRx would make a version that was fixed, no adjustment.   There is another product that has that “feature” but it is not nearly as thick as the SnoreRx so it won’t stay in at all.
  • Submitted By Edward Mills on 04/15/2017
    Molding this thing was such a punishment but it actually works. I feel like a Marvel villain or something wearing it 😀

  • Submitted By Dorothy Perkins on 08/07/2016
    I used many oral snoring aids but I think this one is the best one yet because it has the dial you can adjust, very finely tuned, so you can find out your perfect comfort fit. I’ve been using SnoreRx for a month now and I am very happy. The snoring is still there but way, way less. I feel better and sleep better.


  • Submitted By SuperSammy22 on 07/20/2016
    I have this device a shot mainly because of the 30 day guarantee, I figured if it’s bogus Im just gonna send it back, but now no way I’m giving my SnoreRx back. I love it! It feels comfortable in my mouth and it really helps with snoring.


  • Submitted By DanielG on 05/25/2016
    I’m not too satisfied with this anti snoring device, it’s not as effective as I thought. My jaw really hurt when I started using it, so I just gave it up altogether.


  • Submitted By ThomasElkin on 04/29/2016
    This device looks a bit scary, to be honest, but my snoring has diminished so it’s worth it.


  • Submitted By SergioSnorex on 02/23/2016
    I tried this device on for a couple of weeks, but I didn’t notice any difference, so I decided to return it. I had no problem with getting my money back – that 30 day guarantee works.


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SnoreRx Review
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