SleepTZ Sleep Shirt Review

UPDATED Feb. 2020
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Some people simply cannot stand wearing anti-snoring mouthpieces. Others don’t feel comfortable with nasal cones or strips. Fortunately, there are a few snoring aids that might seem unusual but can still provide relief against snoring and even sleep apnea. The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is a product designed to keep you on your side as you sleep, so if your snoring stems from back sleeping, you should definitely take a look at our objective SleepTZ Sleep Shirt review.

What Is The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt?


The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is actually more than just a shirt. It is a three-piece sleeping kit that is designed to reduce or completely eliminate snoring by keeping you from sleeping on your back. It consists of one anti-snore sleep shirt, one insert, and one partner pillow.

The shirt is made from woven polyester and light and comfortable bamboo cotton. The insert is made from high-density foam that is simultaneously light and sturdy. The insert, which goes on your back, is attached to the shirt with a strap that is fastened on the chest. When worn properly, the shirt and the insert gently prevent you from rolling on your back as you sleep. The insert is designed in a way that allows for maximum comfort and minimal direct contact with your back so that you don’t sweat or feel uncomfortable. The partner pillow is basically an optional cushion that is attached to the insert so that your partner also feels comfortable and cozy next to you.

The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt kit is very convenient and light. It prevents you from rolling on your back without waking you up. You get to spend a snore-free night lying on your side and if you want to roll to the other side, you can still do that by turning on your belly first. The insert does not take up much space in the bed. Thanks to the partner pillow, your bedmate will be happy and content as well.

How Is It Different?


The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is different from other snoring aids simply because it does not deal with your airway directly. It does not adjust your jaw or tongue position and it doesn’t open up your nostrils. In fact, it doesn’t even go anywhere near your head. For some people, this is very important because it’s simply more comfortable.

But the SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is also different from other products designed to create an obstacle and prevent you from rolling on your back. It has a unique design and an original feature – the partner pillow, which provides comfort to your partner or spouse. In addition, this anti-snore sleep shirt is made from high-quality materials that allow your skin to breathe properly. You don’t have to worry about waking up covered in sweat because you have some weird contraption strapped to your back.

User Experience

The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is more convenient than it might appear. Many people fear that sleeping with a huge bump on their back would be extremely uncomfortable and keep them from falling asleep properly. However, once you get used to it, which shouldn’t take more than a night or two, you will barely notice you’re wearing it. Not to mention you will sleep better because you will breathe better.

The materials this sleep kit is made from are very light and comfortable and, most importantly, they are breathable. The insert is very gentle against your back and doesn’t cause any sweating or similar discomfort. The entire kit can be washed in a washing machine at a light cycle.


The SleepTZ Sleep Shirt kit, consisting of one sleep shirt, one insert, and one partner pillow, costs $149. It is slightly more expensive than other similar products and definitely more expensive than other kinds of snoring aids, but it is still cheaper and more convenient than a CPAP machine.

SleepTZ Sleep Shirt Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if SleepTZ Sleep Shirt is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Does not disturb your sleep
  • Provides comfort for your partner as well
  • Machine-washable
  • Only efficient against snoring caused by back sleeping
  • Not the cheapest product on the market

Bottom Line

After our research for this SleepTZ Sleep Shirt review, we would say it deserves a spot among the best snoring aids available at this moment simply because it really does keep you from sleeping on your back. If your snoring is caused by back sleeping, then you should definitely check this product out. However, if you have another underlying cause for your snoring or sleep apnea, you should probably consider other options.

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