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UPDATED Apr. 2018


Heavy snoring can result in serious problems, including sleep deprivation, daytime fatigue, and difficulties in reaching the REM sleep phase. These problems do not only afflict the snorer, but also the snorer’s bedmate who has to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of a woodchipper.

For the snorer’s bedmate, blocking out the sound of snoring is one of the most logical solutions. However, it is hard to find headphones that are comfortable to wear in bed and that properly block out ambient noise. That is, it was hard before SleepPhones entered the market.

This product is ranked #1 on our Best Alternative Snoring Aids list.
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What Are SleepPhones?

SleepPhones are advertised as the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping and we have to say that the given description is pretty accurate. They consist of a super-soft headband equipped with ultra-thin removable speakers that allow you to listen to anything that helps you go to sleep quickly and blissfully.

SleepPhones are designed to serve a variety of purposes. Their primary purpose, as already stated in this SleepPhones review, is to help you switch from getting more and more awake and annoyed due to listening to irksome snoring to falling asleep to the pleasant sound of ocean waves, white sound or anything else that lulls you to sleep.

They can also be used for music therapy, allowing you to listen to the relaxing sounds of meditation or hypnosis. Of course, you can simply use them to listen to music while enjoying a much greater level of comfort than the one provided by regular headphones.

How Are They Different?

As we explained in the previous section of this SleepPhones review, these headphones are designed to be more comfortable than any other headphones. They are perfect for nighttime use, even if you are a side sleeper. The fact that they manage to accomplish these goals is what makes them essentially different from all the other products of this kind.

They are also extremely light, non-intrusive, hypoallergenic, RoHS/CE compliant, and easy to wash. Therefore, apart from being pleasant to wear, they are completely safe to use and require very little maintenance.

What we also like about SleepPhones is that there is more than one way to wear them. For example, you can slide the headband down onto your eyelids and use it as a sleep mask. Double the convenience!

User Experience

The experience of our staff, as well as the experience of users, has largely confirmed that SleepPhones may just be the comfiest, coziest headphones on the market. They are made of incredibly soft materials and they are easy to slip on and off, so it does not take virtually any time to get used to wearing them. They are also extremely efficient in blocking out ambient noise.

For maximum comfort, SleepPhones come in 3 different sizes, including Extra Small, for petite women, Extra Large, for tall and large men, and One Size Fits Most, which fits most people. The official SleepPhones website features a handy sizing chart that can help you decide which size would work best for you.

That being said, we have to say that even if you pick a size that perfectly fits your head, SleepPhones are still a headband, which means that if you move a lot, it is pretty likely that the band will not stay in place. It may slip slightly, moving the speaker away from your ear or it may slip off completely if you are particularly prone to tossing and turning. However, this is nothing a hairpin or two could not solve.


SleepPhones come in several varieties designed to suit a range of user needs and preferences. SleepPhones Wireless cost $99.95, Bluetooth-enabled SleepPhones Effortless cost $129.95, corded SleepPhones Classic cost $39.95, SleepPhones Wireless with microphone cost $109.95, SleepPhones Simple with 17 pre-loaded tracks cost $99.95, TellyPhones for wireless listening to TV programs cost $149.95, and SleepPhones Headband without speakers costs only $19.95.

In case your SleepPhones speakers stop working, there is no need to buy a new device. You can simply buy replacement speakers that come in 8 different versions. Their prices range from $29.95 to $89.95. It is also possible to replace the SleepPhones Bluetooth module. The version without microphone costs $69.95 while the version with microphone costs $79.95.

If you fall in love with SleepPhones, you can also try RunPhones for a more enjoyable running experience or purchase some relaxing CDs and accessories at the SleepPhones online shop. Shipping is free on orders over $49 within the US. SleepPhones products come with a one-year limited warranty. You can also easily exchange or return your SleepPhones.

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  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Multiple potential uses
  • Efficiently blocks out environmental sounds
  • Product versions for various preferences and every budget
  • Comes in 3 sizes
  • Easy maintenance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Can slip off if you toss and turn

Bottom Line

To finish this SleepPhones review, they are everything we expected them to be. They are comfy, convenient, and successful at blocking out snoring and other noises that can prevent you from falling asleep. They come in a number of different versions, so you can easily find the perfect fit for your needs.

User Reviews

  • Submitted By Larry Matthews on  08/07/2017
    I’m a big fan of both SleepPhones and RunPhones. Real comfy, excellent sound quality.

  • Submitted By Jeanine Giles on 07/27/2017
    Headbands slip off. Period. Woke up with my new SleepPhones wrapped around my neck. Thank God they didn’t make a fuss about my request to return them.
  • Submitted By Sam Ferris on 06/26/2017
    Real good headphones, sleeping or otherwise. I got the TellyPhones a couple of weeks ago, they’re the smartest invention I’ve seen in a while.

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SleepPhones Review
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