Nasilator Review

UPDATED Sep. 2019
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Nasal dilators have a limited scope of action. They are not suitable for mouth and throat snorers. Their use can only help reduce snoring levels in individuals suffering from nasal airflow obstructions caused by nasal congestion, a deviated septum or collapsed nasal valves. If used to supplement CPAP therapy, prior consultation with a doctor is strongly recommended.

Snoring can cause a number of problems for both the people who snore and those around them. Snoring can lead to sleepless nights, which will most likely have very negative effects on everyone involved. Relationships have also been known to suffer due to a chronic lack of sleep, which is often caused by snoring.

Over the years, many types of snoring aids were developed and nasal dilators are among the most recent. These devices are inserted into the nose, keeping the nostrils open and thus reducing snoring. This brings us to our Nasilator review, which will explore how this device works and whether it can help you.

What Is Nasilator?

Nasilator is a nasal dilator that features two ring-like stents that are connected with a U-shaped bridge. This bridge is used to insert and pull the device out of your nose. The stents and the bridge are made from soft, hypoallergenic material that does not irritate the nose, either from the inside or the outside. According to the manufacturer, Nasilator works best when it is inserted as far up the nose as possible without causing discomfort.

nasilator snoring

When inserted, Nasilator prevents the nostrils from closing up for any reason. For many snorers, not being able to breathe through their nose leads to mouth breathing and snoring. By making sure the nostrils are not blocked, Nasilator can seriously reduce or even prevent snoring.

Besides snoring, Nasilator can also be used to reduce congestion caused by a cold or allergies. Moreover, Nasilator can be used by people with a deviated septum who have troubles breathing through their nose.

Like with all nasal dilators, Nasilator may take some time to get used to, but thanks to the soft and light material it is made from, this does not last too long. It should also be pointed out that Nasilator comes in four different sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Of course, you can also order a sizing pack where you will get all four sizes to try out and find the best fit for your nose.

How Is It Different?


Nasilator is not that much different from other nasal dilators. It keeps the nostrils open for the air to flow through and tries to be as comfortable as possible. Thanks to its four different sizes and quality materials, this device is more comfortable and more efficient than the majority of nasal dilators.

One thing that makes Nasilator particularly stand out is that it has been clinically proven to stop snoring. You can find the study on the manufacturer’s website.

User Experience

If this Nasilator review is your first encounter with it, make sure to first order the Sizing Pack. This way, you will be able to try out all four sizes and find the one that suits you best. Using Nasilator is easy and simple. After a few nights, you won’t even notice it is in your nose. It can be a bit of a nuisance washing the dilator every morning, but that is the trade-off for being able to reuse it.


The Nasilator Sizing Pack costs $9.99. Once you discover your size, you can get Nasilator in packs of two or four. The 2-Pack will cost you $14.99 and the 4-Pack will cost you $19.99, making it the most affordable purchase.

Nasilator Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Nasilator is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Clinically proven to work
  • Comfortable
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Requires daily maintenance
  • Can take some time to get used to

Bottom Line

It may still be too early to include Nasilator on our list of the top snoring aids, but it is definitely a product that can do wonders for snorers. Backed by a clinical study and more than affordable, it truly is a sensible choice.

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