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UPDATED Feb. 2024
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Chin straps are not suitable for treating all types of snoring issues. They can only reduce snoring levels in mouth snorers. Individuals who suffer from conditions that prevent normal nasal breathing should not use chin straps due to potentially life-threatening consequences.

There are many different approaches to the concept of stopping snoring forever. Just glancing at the Internet, you’ll likely find a ‘solution’ for snoring in a dozen different styles. From oral mouthpieces to special anti-snoring pillows, the industry for anti-snoring products is always growing. With that being said, there is a product known as My Snoring Solution, which seeks to remedy the problem of snoring with a simpler approach: a chin strap. While My Snoring Solution is one of the more popular anti-snoring devices on the market, there is still a lot that you need to understand before considering a purchase. Today, we are going to take a detailed look at this anti-snoring chinstrap with our unbiased My Snoring Solution review. My Snoring Solution, sometimes abbreviated to just MSS, offers a unique approach to solving the problem of snoring and you’ll soon come to an understanding as to why it works and how it does what it does.

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This product is ranked #1 on our Best Anti-Snoring Chin Straps list.

How My Snoring Solution Works

My Snoring Solution was invented by Stephen Matthews almost five years ago. Matthews suffered from sleep apnea and he also struggled with problematic snoring. In fact, his sleep apnea was so bad that he actually almost died because of it. When people think of rest, they certainly don’t think of coming to harm in their sleep! Matthews desperately wanted a CPAP machine, but that would require an intensive sleep study as well as a prescription, which supposedly would take a full three months to accomplish. Matthews knew that he couldn’t wait that long so he got to work developing the My Snoring Solution chinstrap that we are discussing today.

My Snoring Solution fits under the umbrella term of ‘anti-snoring jaw supporter.’ The goal with this product, as pointed out by Stephen Matthews himself, is to keep your jaw elevated while you sleep. With your jaw elevated, your tongue is prevented from falling back in your mouth and blocking off your airways. Matthews created his first My Snoring Solution jaw supporter with a towel that he ripped up and knotted around his chin and over the top of his head. This obviously isn’t the product that you see today, but it is the origins of what My Snoring Solution would become.

The current version of My Snoring Solution is much more sleek in appearance than a ripped up towel. The device fits snugly around your chin and over your head. There are two slits in the material so that you can comfortably insert your ears, which allows the device to be worn with more comfort. With the My Snoring Solution device properly tightened, your jaw will be held in a ‘forward position’ while your tongue is prevented from falling backward in your throat. Without the chinstrap, your tongue typically falls backward to block your passageways, thus inducing the vibrating sound we know of as snoring. Simple, right?

My Snoring Solution was invented to be a problem-solving device for snoring as well as the dangers involved with episodes of sleep apnea. Far more than just a creation for comfort, the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is actually working to change lives. We should point out that the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is used to stop people who are open-mouth snorers. If your snoring originates from your nasal cavity, this may not be the product for you. With that being said, My Snoring Solution isn’t a perfect anti-snoring device and we’ll get into the details throughout the rest of our My Snoring Solution review.

How My Snoring Solution Works

MySnoring Solution Materials

At first glance, it can be hard to discern exactly what the My Snoring Solution is actually made out of. What we do know is that the fabric of the material is soft and cushioned and that most users will admit that it is comfortable. The stretchy and elastic fabric allows for My Snoring Solution to fit most users, but the device does come in three separate sizes, which we will detail below.

Small – The first and smallest sized My Snoring Solution option available, this is for people who weigh 120 lbs or less.

Medium – The most common My Snoring Solution product sold, the medium-sized MSS jaw supporting device is for people who weigh between 120 lbs and 250 lbs.

Large – For users with larger heads and bodies, this is for people who weigh 250 lbs and up.

While My Snoring Solution does not provide detailed composites of the materials used in developing their device, we can say that users have consistently praised the product for being comfortable and elastic while allowing for repeated use. It should be pointed out that, despite covering a large portion of your head, the My Snoring Solution chinstrap is extremely breathable and allows you to stay cool as a result.

How My Snoring Solution Feels

While My Snoring Solution is an extremely comfortable and breathable device, the fact that you have to wear it around your head may be an immediate turn off to some folks. Still, for the sake of our My Snoring Solution review, we need to detail how comfortable the product is once you do everything right.

To start out with, make sure that you order the correct size of the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter so that you can maximize your comfort while minimizing any problems during your night’s rest. With that being said, assuming you have the proper fit, the My Snoring Solution product should be relatively easy to wear. You simply set the base of the product onto your chin before strapping the rest of the fabric around your head, almost like a beard, while letting your ears rest in the holes on the sides of the product.

Once the My Snoring Solution is wrapped around your head, make sure that the strap is carefully and securely pulled tight. You do not want the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter to come loose while you sleep. Assuming that everything is properly sized, a tightly shut jaw supporter should keep your jaw in line and your mouth shut without ever really feeling like it is putting pressure on you.

If the My Snoring Solution chinstrap is properly sized and securely fitted around your chin, you should be able to go to sleep without any second thoughts. It will take some getting used to for certain individuals as the sensation of having your mouth propped shut can be hard to get over at first.

Let us now look closely at a few of the key traits and characteristics that come with wearing the My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device:

  • Firm Fitting – When properly secured, the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter feels firm on your chin. In fact, the tightness can be difficult to get used to for people who have never worn a jaw supporting strap before. However, this feeling typically goes away with use.
  • Breathable & Cool – Surprisingly, the My Snoring Solution device is extremely breathable. Users of this jaw-supporting strap have praised My Snoring Solution for being breathable and cool throughout the night, despite the area of coverage being wider than similar products.
  • Soft & Comfortable – Finally, My Snoring Solution has received surprisingly high marks in the area of comfort from just about everyone that has worn the device. The elastic material stretches to conform to your face and the fabric that Matthews used to make the device is soft enough to sleep with.

When it comes to shopping for anti-snoring products, it only makes sense to purchase a product that is comfortable to wear and effective at what it does. If you are using an anti-snoring device that is uncomfortable to wear, then your sleep quality is going to suffer and your problem will likely remain the same. While My Snoring Solution isn’t the world’s most comfortable product, it is shockingly easy to wear and get used to. So, with that out of the way, let’s continue down to the grit of our My Snoring Solution review.

Does My Snoring Solution Stop Snoring?

Ultimately, all of the promises in the world won’t mean anything if the My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device doesn’t actually help to address your snoring. Fortunately, it appears that My Snoring Solution is extremely effective in addressing snoring problems for a certain segment of the population.

The My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device keeps your mouth firmly closed while you sleep. People who snore due to open-mouth issues will notice that their tongue falls toward the back of their throat while they sleep, thus blocking the airway and leading to the iconic and miserable vibrating snoring sound that we have all grown accustomed to hearing. With My Snoring Solution firmly installed around your jaw, your mouth is kept tightly closed and your jaw is cradled in comfort. Keeping your jaw in this position will also prevent your tongue from sliding to the back of your throat.

What’s the catch? Well, My Snoring Solution is extremely effective in treating snorers who struggle with open-mouth snoring issues. If your snoring problems are nasal related, then the My Snoring Solution device likely won’t be as effective for you. As we pointed out numerous times throughout this My Snoring Solution review, the MSS jaw supporter isn’t a perfect device, but it does a great job for what it was built to do.

My Snoring Solution & Sleep Apnea

my noring solution review

The majority of anti-snoring products on the marketplace are not going to do anything to address sleep apnea in a meaningful way. As we highlighted earlier in our My Snoring Solution review, Stephen Matthews created this product with the sole intention of addressing his own potentially deadly version of sleep apnea. The My Snoring Solution device was created to address snoring, of course, but it was also created to help him sleep better at night knowing that his sleep apnea was under control.

People who struggle with snoring are particularly prone to developing more problematic sleep-related issues, such as obstructive sleep apnea. The My Snoring Solution device was designed in order to help keep your jaw firmly set, thus helping to stave off problematic episodes of obstructive sleep apnea. With that being said, the My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device is not a medical replacement for the clinical treatment of your chronic sleep apnea. If you struggle with sleep apnea, you should first reach out to a medical professional in order to address the issue. Sleep apnea is incredibly dangerous when left untreated.

At the end of the day, My Snoring Solution can help users who struggle with sleep apnea, but it is not a cure for the issue. If you struggle with sleep apnea, seek out a medical professional in order to have your problem properly analyzed. In the meantime, My Snoring Solution can work to help you deal with sleep apnea while you seek out more effective solutions.

Who Should Buy My Snoring Solution?

We talked about what the My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device can do. We also looked at the way the device works in order to address problems such as snoring and sleep apnea. Now, we have to take a moment to highlight who should be looking to purchase My Snoring Solution. While we do this, we also want to highlight who should not use the MSS device to treat their condition.

If you are someone who snores or struggles with an open mouth while you sleep, the My Snoring Solution device could be a real life-changing addition to your nightly routine. My Snoring Solution is also used to help treat individuals with sleep apnea, as we stressed in the previous section of our My Snoring Solution review. However, we must once again stress that My Snoring Solution is not a cure for sleep apnea – but it can help.

Now that we know who should buy the My Snoring Solution device, we need to focus on who should avoid purchasing this product. Listed below are people who should not use My Snoring Solution for their snoring issues:

  • Snoring From Nasal Congestion – If your snoring is derived from allergies or sinusitis, the My Snoring Solution device will not work to help you out. In fact, My Snoring Solution can actually make your snoring worse because it will prevent you from breathing through your mouth.
  • Chronic Sleep Shifters – If you are constantly moving in your sleep, then you might have trouble effectively using My Snoring Solution. While the My Snoring Solution chinstrap fits securely around your head, chronic tossing and turning can work to dislodge it. If you shift a lot, make sure to securely tighten the My Snoring Solution strap before falling asleep.
  • Severe Sleep Apnea – While My Snoring Solution was created to help treat sleep apnea, it is not a replacement for personal medical help. If you have severe sleep apnea, start your treatment process by engaging with a medical professional. The My Snoring Solution chinstrap can be used in conjunction with real healthcare advice.

Now that we know who can and cannot wear My Snoring Solution, we can move on to actual customer feedback. Let’s learn a little bit about what people really think about the My Snoring Solution jaw supporting device.

What Users Think About My Snoring Solution

There are countless jaw supporting chinstraps available on the Internet today. The My Snoring Solution device is one of the more popular anti-snoring solutions of its kind on the web. With that being said, My Snoring Solution does have some divisive feedback depending on who you talk to. For the sake of clarity and transparency, we decided to showcase customer feedback for both positive and negative reactions.

Compliments – Users were happy with how flexible the My Snoring Solution device was in terms of fit. Customers also seemed to enjoy how comfortable the material was and how flexible the product stayed, despite nightly use. Further, customers seemed to be ecstatic when realizing that the MSS didn’t leave their jaw sore of their teeth/gums in pain the next morning, like many oral anti-snoring devices. Finally, My Snoring Solution received high marks from customers for actual effectiveness in addressing snoring.

Complaints – The primary complaint that plagued My Snoring Solution was in relation to its price, which we are going to discuss in the next segment of our review. Additionally, some users complained that the My Snoring Solution chinstrap often shifted or came undone during their sleep, though this was admittedly remarked by people who chronically toss and turn. Finally, some users felt like they looked silly wearing a full-head jaw supporting device, which is understandable.

My Snoring Solution Cost & Refund Policy

The price of My Snoring Solution is not the product’s strongest suit, though it can be justified by admitting that this is a premium solution to a permanent problem. Here’s how much My Snoring Solution costs:

My Snoring Solution – $119.97 – Buy One, Get One Free. This product also comes with an eBook on proper rest, a DVD from the American Medical Review, and a sleep plan known as ‘7 Steps to Sleep Success.’

My Snoring Solution Cost

When purchasing a premium product, it is important to know that you have a backup in case it fails you. As a result, the team of developers behind My Snoring Solution offer a complete 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it for a full refund within the first 90 days. This kind of flexibility is valuable because it allows you to really test drive the product before deciding whether or not it is the right snoring aid for you.

My Snoring Solution Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if My Snoring Solution is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Scientifically proven to work for snoring
  • Easy to wear
  • Relatively comfortable for frequent use
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a hefty price tag
  • Moves during your sleep if you are restless
  • Material will eventually break down due to frequent use


There are no perfect solutions to snoring available anywhere in the world, so why opt for My Snoring Solution? If you are looking for an anti-snoring device that is comfortable to wear, easy to use, and easy to understand – it will be hard to surpass My Snoring Solution. If you want to take control of your snoring, My Snoring Solution can help you to do the job.

User Reviews (9)

My Snoring Solution customer rating based on 9 user reviews.

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  1. Jack M. | April 11, 2019

    Took some time to get used to something sitting on my face while I sleep but definitely worth it.

  2. Maria Sloan | February 20, 2019

    My husband and I both got one and it def looks funny when we’re wearing them but we wake up fresh and well rested every single morning and that’s the only thing that truly matters.

  3. Brandon Walker | June 3, 2018

    Although my sleep apnea wasn’t that severe, I just couldn’t believe a simple strap could do anything about it. Boy was I wrong! The material is very comfortable and doesn’t cause any irritation in spite of my sensitive skin. On top of that, I finally started breathing while I sleep. My wife has been listening to me and says she can’t recognize me after I started using this strap.

  4. Gregory Wright | May 15, 2018

    The strap really helped me with my life-long storing problem. It was pretty weird wearing it at first but I got used to it after just a couple of days. Once you’re used to the constriction, all you’re left with is a good night’s sleep and that fresh and rested feeling every morning.

  5. Edna Blackmoore | April 22, 2018

    It fits like it was custom made and it does help to an extent. I just feel too damn ridiculous wearing it though.

  6. WallySmithers | February 8, 2018

    Ok, I must admit that my snoring receded significantly but the chin strap isn’t something I can get used to. It just feels too constraining.

  7. MelJennings | June 1, 2017

    I hate the idea of wearing a snoring device in my mouth so I decided to try a chin strap. I didn’t even know that there’s such a thing as an anti-snoring chin strap, but now I’m really glad I tried it. It’s probably not an ideal solution for everyone but it works for me.

  8. AnnaSaunders45 | April 9, 2017

    I don’t snore like before though I now feel like I’m constantly in an intensive care unit with that thing around my head. Jokes aside, it’s not a bad snoring aid.

  9. JackGaribaldi | February 29, 2016

    I liked the idea of replacing a mouthpiece with a chin strap so I bought it. It’s not the best aid on the market, it’s not the worst. I’ll just have to keep looking until I find something that really stops my snoring for good.

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