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UPDATED Feb. 2024
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Although snoring can serve as a good source for making jokes, the lack of proper treatment can make it a lot more serious than it seems. Depending on the cause of snoring, it can trigger many different problems and maladies. Lately, this issue has been recognized, so various snoring aids have appeared on the market. However, not all of them are equally effective. This elaborate Mute Snoring review will provide you with a closer look at one of the possible solutions to this rather bothersome problem and reveal whether this particular dilator is really above its competition.

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What Is Mute Snoring?

Mute Snoring is a nasal dilator designed to facilitate breathing in people with congested or blocked nasal pathways as well as individuals with a deviated septum. By increasing the amount of air through your nose, it will ease and reduce the irritating snoring habit.

It consists of two small inserts made from ultra-soft medical grade polymers to secure comfort during the entire night. The two adjustable ribbed paddles are inserted into your nostrils, whereas the bridge, which remains outside the nose, is used to put the dilator inside without touching the paddles, as they need to be completely clean and sterile in order to be used properly.

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Once inserted, Mute Snoring opens up the nasal pathways, making the airflow smooth and uninterrupted. This process alleviates nasal obstruction and congestion, thus eliminating the necessity of breathing through the mouth, which is among the most common causes of snoring. Furthermore, Mute Snoring is also said to reduce septum pressure.

As soon as the dilator is properly fitted in the snorer’s nostrils, he/she should immediately feel a lot better, with a significant increase in the airflow. Regular snoring problems can cause sleep interruptions that prevent the bothered individual from finishing his/her natural 90-minute sleep cycle, thus failing to reach the deep sleep phase. Not reaching this phase means not managing to recover both mentally and physically from your everyday chores and activities.

Aside from its primary purpose, Mute Snoring can produce many different health benefits as time goes by, including but not limited to improvement in concentration, elevation of mood, and reduction of daily somnolence. There are no known side effects, so this product is perfectly safe for use.

How Is It Different?

The manufacturers of any product try hard to show that their product is the game changer everybody is looking for, that it is head and shoulders above the competition. As mentioned before in this Mute Snoring review, the main asset of this dilator in comparison to its competitors is its adjustability and adaptability to every nose. It has been designed with the anatomy of the snorer’s nose in mind, dilating the air pathways in order to facilitate breathing.

In addition, it comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), with a patented dilation system, created to adapt to each nostril separately if needed. To determine what size is right for you, you should initially purchase the trial pack that includes Mute Snoring in all available sizes. Mute Snoring is approved by the FDA, which silences talks about a possible scam.

User Experience

According to the manufacturer, they actually did studies on the effectiveness of their product. The results showed that 78 percent of users reported better breathing throughout the night, 75 percent reported reduced snoring, whereas 73 percent of their partners reported improved sleep because their “other halves“ snored less.

Mute Snoring User Experience

It is highly recommended that new users should obtain the trial pack first in order to find out what size fits them best, make all the necessary adjustments, and start using the product properly.

Due to its already mentioned anatomically-friendly design, this is an extremely comfortable product, with a deservedly stellar reputation when it comes to its flexibility and adaptability. However, another important thing must be mentioned in this Mute Snoring review concerning the proper use of the product – even though you have found the right size, it is possible your nose dilator will fall out during the night because of the new sensation you are exposed to. Hence, periodical wearing is recommended during the day in order to get acquainted with the feeling of having something in your nose. The improvement should be felt almost instantly, as Mute Snoring works on freeing your blocked pathways from the moment you put it inside.


One pack with three Mute Snoring nasal dilators costs $27.95, regardless of the size you choose. Since you can use one dilator for ten nights, it means that this is the approximate monthly amount you need to prepare if you want to use Mute Snoring on a regular basis. The trial pack costs 19.95 dollars.

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Mute Snoring Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Mute Snoring is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Super adjustable and flexible
  • Clinically tested and FDA-approved
  • Top-quality materials and improved reliability
  • High success rate when it comes to snoring caused by nasal pathway blockage
  • Easy to handle, clean, and use
  • One dilator can be used for only 10 nights
  • Only takes care of one particular type of snoring
  • Does not help with sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders

Bottom Line

Mute Snoring nasal dilator is undoubtedly one of the most reliable snoring aids on the market due to its high level of adjustability and flexibility and the high-class materials it is made of. This product is a fantastic choice for everyone who wants to free their obstructed nasal pathways, thus getting rid of the irritating habit in a very elegant and unassuming fashion. The price is also worth mentioning, as it is not too high, making the product generally cost-effective and affordable to most of the population.

User Reviews (6)

Mute Snoring customer rating based on 6 user reviews.

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  1. Martin Hardern | November 23, 2019

    I have been using Mute Snoring for about 18 months. It is adjustable and easy to fit. Occasionally it dislodges in the night. Until I used this dilator I awoke with a dry mouth every morning, but this only happens occasionally now. I think that overnight use over this period has also improved my breathing through my nose in the daytime.

  2. Gerald Alcindor | March 7, 2019

    This is not a magical solution to all your snoring problems, but it facilitated the process for me. It helps, but you should be patient and tenacious. The company should find a way to make it possible for long-term users to have some kind of a discount.

  3. Daniel Jordan | February 8, 2019

    If used properly, probably the best product on the market. I am very satisfied and I am going to keep using it.

  4. Jackie Bird | January 24, 2019

    A waste of money. It does not help at all.

  5. Marv Irving | January 5, 2019

    It is great, although I initially had some trouble adjusting it. It would be even better if it would not have to be changed after every ten days, but it is still a very helpful product. Highly recommended, even though I was not able to get rid of snoring entirely.

  6. Jeremiah Baylor | December 10, 2018

    I have had troubles with snoring for years, and have not been able to find the right aid for my problem, until now – Mute Snoring proved to be the answer to all my prayers. I feel rejuvenated. I sleep better, I eat better and I live better. Thanks to everyone in the company who designed this revolutionary product.

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