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UPDATED Apr. 2024
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Chin straps are not suitable for treating all types of snoring issues. They can only reduce snoring levels in mouth snorers. Individuals who suffer from conditions that prevent normal nasal breathing should not use chin straps due to potentially life-threatening consequences.

Snoring is a huge problem for many people, as well as for their loved ones or simply for those people who have to sleep in their vicinity. Moreover, snoring can put a strain on the health and relationship of everyone involved. The good news is there is a number of amazing snoring aids that can help you solve your problem. EasySleep is a company dedicated to stopping snoring and our EasySleep chin strap review will uncover a spectacular anti-snoring ally.

What Is the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap?

We should probably start this EasySleep Pro chin stap review say with a thing or two about chin straps in general, just in case you are not familiar with them. Basically, chin straps are straps that are “wrapped” around the user’s head so that their chin is strapped in. These straps are usually fixed on the back of the head, which is also the case with the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap.

The point of chin straps is that they keep the user’s mouth closed and their jaw in the frontal position. By doing so, chin straps prevent the soft tissues of the back of the palate and the tongue from shifting backward in the oral cavity, thus blocking the air and causing snoring.

This is an extremely simple way to approach the issue of snoring but, as EasySleep Pro Chin Strap users will be able to tell you, it is also a very effective and comfortable way. The EasySleep Pro Chin Strap is your average chin strap when it comes to its mechanism of action. Mind you, it is all but average, as you will easily discover when you start doing some research on the aid, not to mention when you try it.

We should point out that EasySleep Pro Chin Strap, like all other chin straps, is not suitable for all snorers. For example, if you are a nasal snorer, there will be no point in keeping your mouth shut during the night. Also, if you have a deviated septum, a stuffed nose or any similar problem, you should never use a chin strap of any kind.

Finally, we would like to add that doctors often prescribe chin straps like EasySleep Pro Chin Strap to people who use CPAP machines. While we did not try it in such a way, we have encountered a number of testimonials by people whose CPAP experience was improved thanks to the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap.

How Is It Different?

EasySleep Pro Chin Strap is arguably the most lightweight product of its kind available. It is made from extremely light and soft material, which makes the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap extremely comfortable, even if you live somewhere hot. It also features a somewhat more elaborate design which allows for it to be affixed more tightly while still being perfectly comfortable.

User Experience

Our expert who used the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap stated that she had never tried a more comfortable chin strap in her life. We should point out that she has plenty of experience and that some people might find wearing this strap (or any other, for that matter) uncomfortable at first. Our expert also says that the special design made the pressure on the back of her head less pronounced than with some other straps.


Believe it or not, but EasySleep Pro Chin Strap is actually one of the most affordable chin straps on the market (not that they are too expensive). For example, at the moment, you can get one of these straps for $11.97.

EasySleep Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if EasySleep Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Works great along CPAPs
  • Doesn’t work for snoring through the nose
  • Shouldn’t be used by people who have trouble breathing through the nose
  • Can take time to get used to

Bottom Line

All in all, unless you have trouble breathing through your nose or you snore through the nose, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t try out the EasySleep Pro Chin Strap. It is affordable, comfortable and it has helped thousands of people sleep silently. Why not be one of those people? We hope our EasySleep Pro Chin Strap review made it easier to answer that question.

User Reviews (5)

EasySleep Pro Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap customer rating based on 5 user reviews.

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  1. Austin Perry | May 28, 2018

    I use this strap together with my nose strips and introduced my snoring significantly but hasn’t eliminated it. I still have to use a white noise machine to drown out to my snoring and allow my wife to sleep throughout the night without waking her up. I might’ve been wrong on this one though is I can feel my snoring coming from my nose/sinus area so I probably should’ve paid more attention to picking the right kind of nasal snoring device.

  2. Gerald Howard | May 25, 2018

    The strap felt pretty uncomfortable when I put to my ears through the slots on each side. It felt like I was trying to rip my ear off when I move my head throughout the night. So I put both straps just in front of my years and it still works perfectly when it comes to stopping my snoring. Since I use it this way, it does tend to fall off occasionally and I again start sounding like a train whistle whenever that happens.

  3. Ron Grant | March 21, 2018

    It’s pretty tight so it’s definitely not the greatest of ideas if you can’t breathe through your nose like me.

  4. Michael Yonkers | March 16, 2018

    It worked for me. Who knew something this silly looking would help.

  5. Jeannie | June 12, 2017

    My hubby had a hard time convincing me to keep using this chin strap. I just didn’t like it one bit. My face felt hot and sweaty all the time, but after a while we noticed I didn’t snore nearly as much as I did before, so woohoo!

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