Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Review

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When dealing with obstructive sleep apnea, there are really only a few options at your disposal. Sleep disorders may not seem like a huge deal, not at first glance, but they can dramatically alter the quality of your life. People who struggle with sleep apnea may experience chronic fatigue, snoring, depression, anxiety, and even periods where they do not breathe during sleep! In order to put these problems in the past, people with sleep apnea need to have some help on their side. That is where CPAP machines come into play. Today, we will discuss one of the most popular CPAP masks on the market in our complete Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System review so that you can learn what this hybrid CPAP mask can do for your sleep apnea.

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What Is Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching CPAP masks, you no doubt know that they come in a variety of different designs:  nasal, nasal pillow, oral, full face, and hybrid.  Hybrid masks will be our focus today because that is what Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Arway CPAP Interface System actually is!

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System combines a nasal and oral interface in order to allow you to attack your sleep apnea on multiple levels. Hybrid masks give you the ultimate control over your fight against your dreaded sleep disorder. These masks typically include both oral cushions and nasal pillows as well as a headgear unit to keep it all together.

How Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System Works

If you have sleep apnea, when you sleep, you go through an experience that is rather uncomfortable. As your body relaxes, your airways begin to collapse on each other. In most people, collapsing airways only cause a bout of snoring. People with sleep apnea may experience other symptoms as well, the worst being interrupted breathing.

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System works to introduce air pressure to your airways so as to prevent these collapses. In doing so, you are given the ability to stave off the symptoms related to sleep apnea and finally get a good night’s rest. This is accomplished by way of nasal pillows and oral cushions installed with a comfortable piece of headgear.

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System Fitting Guide

In order to enjoy the benefits that your Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System offers, you have to go through a fitting process. In order to ensure that your mask fits correctly, you’ll need to complete several different steps. These steps are outlined in the product manual that comes with your Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Start by sizing the cushion over your mouth in order to pick the right option. There are three cushions available: small, medium and large.

2) Repeat this process with your nasal pillows, choosing between tall and short pillows.

3) Adjust your headgear until you have a tight but comfortable fit.

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System Maintenance

Anything that you wear on a nightly basis requires routine maintenance and cleanliness. If you use your Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System regularly, you have to get into the habit of routine hygiene. Clean your mask after each use.Wash from the pillows all the way down to the swivel coupling – and everything in between. Allow the product to air-dry. Make sure your CPAP mask is completely dry before you use it again.

Who Should Buy Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System?

If you struggle with sleep apnea and need a product that can help you address it on every level, Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System is for you. Our Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System review has outlined the benefits of this system for individuals with this sleep disorder.
Additionally, Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System is highly beneficial to active sleepers who tend to roll over or move around in their sleep. Sleeping with a CPAP machine is tough because your movements become limited. With Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System, your movements are a little more free thanks to the flexibility of the design of the product.

What Users Think About Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System

Users mainly agreed on the effectiveness of Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System – and it really shows in their reviews. In order for you to have a well-rounded view of this product, we will highlight some of the most common talking points on both sides of the spectrum.
Compliments – Users liked the five-point adjustable system because it gave them the tightest fit with the least amount of leaking. Users also liked the hybrid approach to their sleep apnea because it allowed them to treat their sleep disorder more effectively. Users also admired how easy this mask was to wear even if they were active movers while they slept.
Complaints – Some users felt claustrophobic having a two-pronged CPAP mask that addressed both their nose and their mouth. Other users found the price of the product to be too high. Finally, the maintenance required to keep the mask clean was too much for some people.

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System Cost & Refund Policy

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System costs $168.19 but is often discounted to $129.38.
If you find yourself unhappy with your CPAP mask, there are certain routes that you can take. Devilbiss is fairly generous with their return and refund policies. In order to get a guaranteed return, contact Devilbiss by phone or email. The products must be returned unused and in its original packaging.

Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Attacks sleep apnea at multiple levels
  • Affordable system
  • Easy to wear mask reduces tension and skin irritation
  • Works for people who move around in their sleep
  • Easy to fit the mask to your profile thanks to five key customization points
  • Exhaustive cleaning required
  • Lackluster refund/return policy


When you start looking for a CPAP mask, you need to keep your eyes open for something that works. With Devilbiss Hybrid Dual Airway CPAP Interface System, you will find that your sleep apnea can be quickly and effectively treated. While this mask is expensive and there is maintenance that goes on behind keeping it clean, we cannot help but suggest it to anyone with sleep apnea or respiratory insufficiencies.

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  1. Gina Kelly | May 17, 2018

    This is a great cpap mask if you want to avoid buying to different products for separate health issues. On the other hand, it does restrict my movement throughout the night. The whole getup is pretty bulky and it only works properly if I sleep on my back.

  2. Nathan Horton | November 24, 2017

    Devilbiss Hybrid is a godsend for everybody who has problems both with their nose and mouth. This device combines nasal and oral appliances and allows you to save a ton of cash you’d spend if you buy them separately.

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