Better Breath Review

UPDATED Feb. 2020
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Nasal strips are only suitable for nasal snorers. They do not work for everyone due to the differences in nose anatomy and the root cause of snoring. They do not constitute a permanent solution and cannot help with persistent snoring problems caused by more severe underlying medical conditions. They are not suitable for mouth snorers, throat snorers, individuals with extremely sensitive or irritated skin, snorers allergic to adhesives and latex, and children under the age of 5.

Snoring is one of those problems that many people take lightly because it does not exactly seem dangerous. While it’s sometimes more annoying and embarrassing than anything else, those who snore know too well that snoring can be a major issue that can negatively affect not just your mood and energy levels throughout the day but also your social and love life. Read our Better Breath Nasal Strips review in order to learn how to finally tackle this issue.

This product is ranked #3 on our Best Anti-Snoring Nasal Strips list.

What Are Better Breath Nasal Strips?

better breath nasal strips

Not being able to breathe properly while sleeping can be very frustrating and tiring. Better Breath Nasal Strips address this issues and they can make your life easier.

Better Breath Nasal Strips are, as the name suggests, little strips you apply to your nose to breathe better. They are highly effective not only against snoring but also against other problems related to breathing, such as nasal congestion caused by allergies, a cold, the flu, and so on.

These strips come in individually sealed packets for maximum hygiene and safety. You are supposed to take a strip out each night before bedtime, remove the backing, and place the strip on your nose, just above your nostrils. The strip gently pulls your nostrils open and thus allows for better, unobstructed airflow, which means a significant reduction in snoring. The manufacturers of these nasal strips claim they can open up your airway by 31%.

How Are They Different?

Better Breath Nasal Strips are really not that much different from some other nasal strips featured on our list of the best snoring aids but they are definitely different from other kinds of snoring aids, especially MADs and TRDs. Those devices are known to treat snoring quite efficiently but they can also cause quite a few issues and side effects. You don’t get that with Better Breath Nasal Strips, which are virtually free of any side effects. They are soft and comfortable and they work very well. In addition, they can help with issues regarding nasal congestion, which is not something other snoring aids can do.

User Experience

As we already said earlier in our Better Breath Nasal Strips review, they are very easy to use. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying them. First, they need to be applied to clean, dry skin. It is recommended to clean your skin with mild soap and warm water before applying them (do not use lotions or oily products) and to tap dry the skin thoroughly or the strips won’t stick and they might fall off during sleep. To take the strip off in the morning, simply take one end between your fingers and pull gently from one side to another, like you would do with a Band-Aid.


It’s also worth noting that, the strips might fall from their place due to sweating. To avoid this, try pressing the strip against your skin as hard as you can and double-check to see if there are any dirt and grease residues. The strips are supposed to be placed across the bridge of the nose, just above your nostrils.


Better Breath Nasal Strips come in different sizes. The box of 120 small strips costs $15.89, 120 large strips cost $16.45, and 315 large tan strips cost $36.45. As you can see, the bigger the package, the more convenient the price. Plus, you will probably want to stock up on them, as they are disposable and you will need a new strip each night.

Better Breath Nasal Strips Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if Better Breath Nasal Strips is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Individually sealed
  • Can treat nasal congestion too
  • Comfortable and light
  • They come in two sizes
  • May slip off due to sweating
  • They do not treat sleep apnea or extremely heavy snoring

Bottom Line

Our Better Breath Nasal Strips review showed that these strips are a fine choice for solving mild to moderate snoring problems. They are very easy to use and come in convenient large packages, as well as in two sizes that fit most noses. If you need something affordable and comfortable to treat your snoring problem and especially if you want to avoid mouthpieces, then you may want to give Better Breath Nasal Strips a shot.

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