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UPDATED Feb. 2024
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According to US regulations, the use of AveoTSD tongue retaining device requires a medical prescription. Before purchasing AveoTSD, please consult with your doctor or medical provider.

If you have a snoring problem, you know the day-long fatigue that comes with a particularly troublesome night of sleep. While many people take it lightly, snoring directly alters your energy, mood, and even personal relationships. For the reasons we just listed, many folks are looking for solutions to their snoring issues and they are increasingly turning to devices like aveoTSD.

aveoTSD is a unique anti-snoring mouthpiece that operates quite differently than many other alternatives on the market. Let’s jump into our aveoTSD review so that you can see if this is the anti-snoring device for you.

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This product is ranked #2 on our Best Tongue Retaining Devices list.

What Is aveoTSD?

The first time you lay eyes on aveoTSD, you are probably going to wonder exactly what it is you are even looking at. This small anti-snoring mouthpiece is what people in the industry call a TSD. A TSD, which stands for tongue stabilizing device, is an anti-snoring utility that focuses on stabilizing your tongue in order to address your snoring. Do not confuse a TSD with a MAD, or mandibular advancement device, as the two products work on entirely different levels and in entirely different ways.

aveoTSD was developed by Dr. Chris Robertson and it is the culmination of more than 15 (yes, 15!) years of research. Dr. Robertson is a doctor from New Zealand and his career specialty is in dental sleep medicine. Dental sleep medicine is, of course, the field that would most quickly get to a resolution in relation to problems like snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

As we highlighted in our introduction, snoring is a very serious issue that can plague just about anyone. Snoring isn’t necessarily a byproduct of living an unhealthy lifestyle, though that can contribute, so it can be particularly maddening to try and treat the issue. aveoTSD addresses snoring by attacking the root cause of the issue: your tongue.

What makes aveoTSD interesting is that it is made of silicone, a material that isn’t exactly common within the anti-snoring field. aveoTSD has been carefully crafted out of medical grade silicone that does not irritate nor antagonize your gums.  More interesting, perhaps, is the fact that aveoTSD does not require any sort of boil-and-bite customized fitting. Essentially, aveoTSD comes out of the box ready for you to use. With that being said, you won’t be using aveoTSD the first night that you have it. Dr. Robertson advises wearing aveoTSD for small periods of time while awake in order to get used to the feeling of the TSD in your mouth. Once you are comfortable with the sensation, you can begin using it on a nightly basis.

Alright, we explained what aveoTSD is and we talked a little bit about what the product is made out of. Now, let’s move on in order to properly analyze how aveoTSD operates and why it might be the product that you need to use in order to end your snoring forever.

How aveoTSD Works

When you first look at aveoTSD, you might be concerned by what you see. This doesn’t look like any other anti-snoring solution available on the Internet. As we pointed out earlier in our aveoTSD review, aveoTSD is a TSD and that means that it is going to focus on your tongue rather than your jaw. Before we delve deep into the science of aveoTSD, we should probably point out the difference between aveoTSD and a regular MAD.

Tongue Stabilizing Device – This is a product that focuses entirely on your tongue as it relates to the mechanics of snoring. Tongue stabilizing devices focus on keeping your tongue pulled forward in a gentle but fixed position.

Mandibular Advancement Device – These devices focus on keeping your jaw jutted forward in order to relax your airways. Most MAD devices are effective but uncomfortable as they put a lot of pressure on your jaw and your gums. As a result, many people blame MADs for causing residual jaw soreness.

How aveoTSD Works

Okay, now that we know the difference between the two different forms of anti-snoring mouthpieces, we can delve into the mechanics of how aveoTSD works and why it is so effective. Let’s start by discussing how you snore and why your tongue is so important to that uncomfortable process.

While snoring can feel like a massive roadblock in your life, the truth is that it is a relatively simple process. When you go to bed at night all of the muscles in your body tend to relax, including your tongue. When you fall asleep, your tongue falls toward the back of your mouth. When your tongue collapses toward the back of your mouth, you’ll end up with a partially obstructed airway. This obstruction, along with the sound coming up through your throat, is what can be credited with creating that aggravating snoring sound that we all know and hate.

As you can see above, the tongue plays a HUGE role in the snoring process. Both mandibular advancement devices and tongue stabilizing devices focus on the value of the tongue in some fashion. In our aveoTSD review, we want to focus on why aveoTSD is so effective at keeping your tongue pulled slightly forward.

Picking up aveoTSD will reveal that it is a small, suction-cup type device that doesn’t look too different than a pacifier for babies and it operates similarly to one as well! In order to use aveoTSD, you simply rinse the product out with warm water before feeding your tongue through the center of the device. Once your tongue is through the device, it’ll rest comfortably inside of a small chamber. The chamber of aveoTSD will remain on the outside of your mouth with two anchors keeping it in a comfortable position.

With aveoTSD, you are addressing the immediate cause of your snoring concerns. Due to the direct nature by which this product addresses your snoring, you are getting the most effective anti-snoring device available. With all of this being said, let’s learn more about aveoTSD and see just how it differs from other products that you might consider.

How Is aveoTSD Different?

On your quest for a solution to all of your snoring problems, you’ve probably become so accustomed to seeing the same type of products that they all begin to blur together. We don’t blame you for starting to forget what makes each product unique – because the vast majority of them are simply copying one another. However, with aveoTSD, you are getting something that is quite different from the rest of the anti-snoring mouthpiece competition. Let’s look at what makes aveoTSD so different than its competition.

Prescription Free Outside Of The United States – The majority of TSDs require a prescription from a medical professional. You can get aveoTSD without any sort of prescription throughout the world, except for the United States.

Addresses Tongue Stabilization At The Source – Most anti-snoring aids only work to address your snoring in roundabout ways. Mandibular devices and chinstraps both focus on your jaw while pillows focus on your neck alignment. The root cause of snoring is your tongue, but so few products actually address it outside of aveoTSD.

No Boil And Bite Customized Fitting – With most oral anti-snoring products, there will be an extensive fitting process in order to be able to use them. With aveoTSD, you simply open up the box and get right to using your device. As we pointed out in the ‘How aveoTSD works’ section of our aveoTSD review, aveoTSD is a simple one-size-fits-all product.

Does Not Impact Your Sleeping Routine – Most anti-snoring devices are going to be bothersome in one way or another. Mandibular advancement devices tend to cause your jaw to become sore overnight. Chinstraps are hard to wear if you are prone to rolling around. Anti-snoring pillows deflate over time and most of them limit how you can sleep. With aveoTSD, all you do is put it in your mouth.  You can sleep any way that you want.

Taking care of your snoring is the ultimate goal when it comes to looking for a product like aveoTSD. However, if you are going to be shopping around, you might as well get a product with features that can immediately help you out. As we highlighted above, aveoTSD is a unique anti-snoring tool that can be effective for numerous reasons. Let’s move on with this aveoTSD review and talk about the fitting and wearing process.

aveoTSD Fitting Guide

We already pointed out earlier on that aveoTSD does not require any sort of boil and bite fitting routine. In fact, you can start wearing aveoTSD by simply removing it from the box and placing it on the tip of your tongue – literally! However, there are still some things that you need to know before putting on your aveoTSD anti-snoring mouthpiece. Let’s scope through the entire process, from receiving the device to putting it on for your night’s rest.

  • Every time that you are going to wear your aveoTSD, you should start by rinsing the product under hot water. Rinsing aveoTSD with hot water will allow the silicone material to begin to soften up, thus making it easier to wear and work with.
  • Instead of wearing aveoTSD to bed the first time that you get it, spend time throughout the day wearing it and getting used to the sensation. You’ve likely never used an anti-snoring device that fits on the tip of your tongue, so it is important to know how it feels before you go to bed with the device on.
  • Before putting on aveoTSD, make sure to have the V-notched side facing upward so that it can adjust to your lingual frenulum on the bottom of your mouth.
  • Now, push your tongue gently through the inside of the product.
  • Squeeze both ends of the bloating bulb in order to pump the device. Doing so will pull your tongue inside until it becomes comfortable.
  • Make sure not to over-pump or under-pump your aveoTSD as that will lead to tongue discomfort.

According to the manufactures of aveoTSD, it takes roughly a week before you will be used to the feeling of wearing the product every night. During this first week, you are likely going to experience a few side effects, though nothing too problematic. We’ll talk more about the adjustment process later on in our aveoTSD review, but first, we are going to answer one of the most important questions that you could ask: does aveoTSD actually stop snoring?

Does aveoTSD Stop Snoring?

Snoring can be a massive headache in your day-to-day life. Not being able to sleep at night can cause you to feel like you are chronically fatigued during your waking hours. Your work can suffer, your relationships might struggle, and your own personal happiness can start to drain.

With aveoTSD, you are attacking your snoring problem right at its roots. You are addressing the very tool that causes your snoring to be so problematic: your tongue. We know that the tongue is the reason that you snore and because of that, we can say with absolute faith that aveoTSD absolutely stops snoring.

Working with aveoTSD, you are more likely to run into comfort issues during the adjustment period than you are to experience continual snoring. So long as you follow the proper fitting guide, you should see a rapid decrease in how often you snore and how badly the snoring impacts your night’s rest.


aveoTSD & Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a problematic sleep disorder that can lead to a variety of symptoms manifesting themselves. Some common symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, stopped breathing during sleep, and chronic fatigue throughout the day. Obstructive sleep apnea can range in terms of severity from mild to severe. When you suffer from sleep apnea, you are really dealing with an issue that could become much more serious at any given time. For that reason, if you have severe sleep apnea or believe that you may have worsening sleep apnea, consult your doctor before turning to aveoTSD as a solution.

If you only suffer from mild sleep apnea, then aveoTSD may be the right product for you. With aveoTSD, you can address one of the root problems involved in sleep apnea: your tongue obstructing your throat. Thanks to the design of aveoTSD, you should be able to stabilize your tongue for a calm night of rest. We can safely assume that aveoTSD would be as effective for sufferers of sleep apnea as it would for people who struggle with common snoring problems.

As we pointed out earlier in this aveoTSD review, make sure to pay attention to your symptoms and consult with your doctor before making any final choices on how to address your sleep apnea. If you are in the United States, then you have to get a prescription to use aveoTSD, so take that meeting as an opportunity to ask your doctor if this is the right product for you.

Does aveoTSD Have Any Side Effects?

Unlike mandibular advancement devices or chinstraps, aveoTSD is a simple device that was created in order to minimize problems. However, some people have reported a few small issues while wearing aveoTSD on a regular basis. These are the side effects that you should pay attention to while wearing aveoTSD:

  • Sore Tongue – You probably aren’t used to having your tongue sequestered into a small bubble, so some soreness is to be expected at first. If this soreness persists, however, you should take a closer look at how you are tightening your aveoTSD when inserting your tongue. Tightening the oral device too much can lead to pain or soreness.
  • Excess Salivation – The other side effect to be aware of includes excess salivation. While not wholly problematic, drooling in your sleep is as annoying as it sounds. Dr. Robertson believes that after the acclimation process, which lasts roughly a week, any salivation issues should all but vanish. If the problem persists, consult how the device fits on your tongue.
  • Dropped Product – A segment of users admitted that they would routinely feel aveoTSD fall out of their mouths during sleep. This is particularly problematic for people who are using aveoTSD in order to fend off sleep apnea.

With aveoTSD, Dr. Robertson focused on crafting a device that maximized efficiency while minimizing potential side effects. The side effects that you might potentially encounter with aveoTSD tend to go away with repeated and effective use. All told, we find it a positive quality that aveoTSD does not give you the same amount of side effects that other anti-snoring devices offer up.

Who Should Buy aveoTSD?

aveo tsd reviewSince aveoTSD is a one-size-fits-all solution for snoring problems, it is increasingly easy to recommend it to individuals with this common issue. While some anti-snoring oral mouthpiece products must only be worn by certain individuals, there is no such issue at stake with aveoTSD.

If you struggle with chronic snoring or mild sleep apnea, then we consider aveoTSD to be a solution that can work for you. aveoTSD is flexible enough to be usable by anyone and there aren’t any limitations that other mouthpieces impose, such as weak teeth or dentures.

Despite aveoTSD being a solid product for the majority of people, there are still going to be those that struggle with it. The fact that aveoTSD works by extending your tongue outside of your mouth will lead to some resistance from people. You’ll also find that some people have trouble keeping the TSD firmly planted in their mouth while they sleep. Still, if you can bypass these issues, then this anti-snoring device may be just right for you.

Finally, we should point out that aveoTSD is not an ideal product for individuals who primarily breathe through their mouth while they sleep. In this situation, people with nasal polyps or sinus issues will likely not be able to use aveoTSD reliably. Unlike other oral anti-snoring products, aveoTSD requires you to keep your mouth closed while you sleep.

What Users Think About aveoTSD

There is no such thing as the perfect anti-snoring device. Still, aveoTSD seems to have tested well with just about anyone that has used it. For the sake of clarity, we compiled common compliments and complaints offered up by users who have relied on aveoTSD in order to address their snoring. Some of these problems are minor while others might be enough to dissuade you from making a purchase. Keep on reading in order to get a rounded view of how effective aveoTSD is for customers.

Compliments – The most common compliment given to aveoTSD is that it is effective in addressing snoring. Users found aveoTSD to be quick and effective in dealing with problematic snoring as well as their own minor bouts of sleep apnea. While not a perfect device, people were also complimentary in how comfortable they found aveoTSD to be. Lastly, customers praised how easy it was to use and clean aveoTSD with regular use.

Complaints – By far the most common complaint with aveoTSD was the fact that it took an extended period of time to get used to it. The same individuals who were prone to the side effects we listed above also seemed to uniformly struggle with using the device. Customers also complained about the fact that you had to have a prescription in order to acquire the device, at least in the United States.

Ultimately, it appears that aveoTSD manages to toe the line capably between being effective and causing minor irritation for people. With only a few real complaints,  aveoTSD looks like it is setting itself up to be one of the more popular anti-snoring mouthpiece products on the market.

aveoTSD Cost & Refund Policy

If you are looking to add aveoTSD to your anti-snoring inventory, you are going to have a couple of different options to choose from.

Individual aveoTSD – $99.00 – This is the individual aveoTSD. It comes packaged with everything you need in order to begin wearing your aveoTSD whenever you are ready. Each aveoTSD lasts roughly 12 months with proper upkeep.

Twin Pack aveoTSD – $154.00 – If you want to commit to aveoTSD as your anti-snoring product of choice, then you can pick up the twin-pack at a discount. This is the ideal choice for people who know that they are going to be wearing the aveoTSD device frequently.

aveoTSD Cost

When purchasing aveoTSD, you will be receiving what is essentially a two-year warranty for workmanship and materials. If your product fails within two years and it is due to the manufacturer, you will receive your money back. However, the manufacturers of aveoTSD do not offer a refund or trial period if you end up not liking how the product works. The manufacturers of aveoTSD claim that they do not accept refunds due to sanitary reasons, despite the fact that many other MAD and TSD products from other companies can be returned.

aveoTSD Pros & Cons

If you are still unsure if aveoTSD is right for you, check out the key advantages and flaws of this snoring aid.

  • Quickly and effectively addresses the root cause of snoring
  • Affordable price
  • Usable right out of the box with no fitting modifications required
  • Multiple sizes available in order to ensure a proper fit
  • Can be worn by people with dentures or TMJ
  • Non-irritating device
  • Long lifespan even with nightly usage
  • If you breathe through your nose, you are out of luck with this product
  • You have to learn how to get the product properly fitted
  • Common side effects in some individuals with sensitive mouths
  • You have to have a prescription from a doctor in order to acquire the product


Ultimately, we found aveoTSD to be a fascinating solution to snoring. It offers a variety of major benefits that can directly address your snoring problems, but there are also a couple of downsides you need to keep in mind. We don’t love the fact that aveoTSD’s manufacturers don’t offer refunds or free trials. We also don’t like that aveoTSD has to be acquired via prescription as this creates an artificial layer between purchasing. The price of the product is slightly high, but with a twin-pack offering, aveoTSD is affordable and longlasting enough to be worth the money.

User Reviews (5)

aveoTSD customer rating based on 5 user reviews.

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  1. Billy Cunningham | June 1, 2018

    it helped me tremendously and reduced my snoring to “acceptable levels”. I still can get over the fact that I gave a hundred bucks for a piece of rubber though.

  2. Sam Keast | January 24, 2018

    Urrghh a horrible piece of equipment that results in conditional disturbed sleep. Granted it did reduce snoring but at the expense of sleep which defeats the whole purpose. Tried it consistently for a few weeks to become accustomed to it, and never did. It is a essential a bulky bit of silicone sticking out of your mouth whilst stuck to your tongue. On that point, how is it worth nearly $100? I mean really, it’s a piece of silicone made from a cast (not customised or anything). I contacted the company (I’m in Australia) to see if I could return it as they advertise a money back guarantee and got no reply. Hateful product.

  3. MikeSnoringSux | August 5, 2017

    This device looks weird and when I started using it, I had problems actually placing it on my tongue. One time I put it on too tight and the next day my tongue hurt, like actually hurt. As for snoring, it does help, but it doesn’t eliminate it.

  4. BrianKing | July 25, 2017

    I tried using this for a couple of weeks but I wasn’t satisfied. Got my money back easily.

  5. IanTexas | April 16, 2017

    Great device if you’re a tongue snorer. Needs some time getting used to wearing it but that’s just something snorers have to deal with if they want their snoring to stop.

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