MyPillow Fill Levels

If you are thinking of buying MyPillow, the most important advice we can give you is to triple check which fill level suits your body frame. The key feature of MyPillow is that it does not get flat – that is the very reason for its creation. That is why it is important to get the fill level right, as it will stay the same height for as long as you use it. We have decided to make it easier for you by offering this quick and simple guide to MyPillow fill levels.

MyPillow Fill Levels

Yellow Level

The yellow level is designed for young children up to the age of 10 and women who are stomach sleepers and almost never switch to another sleeping position. It is also suitable for petite women not taller than 5’1”, who have narrow shoulders and wear small-size T-shirts.

White Level

The white level is suitable for women who wear medium-size or large-size T-shirts and have average shoulder width. It is also suitable for men who have narrow shoulders and wear small-size or medium-size T-shirts. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, if you fall into one of these categories, the white level is designed for you.

Green Level

The green level is suitable for men with average shoulder width, who are not taller than about 6’1” and wear T-shirts sized L or XL. It is generally the level that suits the largest portion of male users, regardless of the sleeping position. It is also suitable for women with broader shoulders, who wear T-shirts sized L or XL and normally sleep on their side.

Blue Level

The blue level is designed for men taller than 6’1”, as well as for men with rather broad shoulders who wear XXL or XXXL-size T-shirts. It is also the right choice for women with exceptionally broad shoulders, who wear T-shirts sized XXXL.

Red Level

The red level is not a part of the standard offer. It is reserved exclusively for men with incredibly large shoulders, who wear T-shirts larger than XXXL and only sleep on their side. It is important to emphasize that even men with the broadest shoulders should not choose this level unless they exclusively sleep on their side.

Extra Tips

If you normally sleep on a down or feather pillow, your body is already accustomed to lower pillows, so you should choose the pillow that is one level lower than the one that is recommended for your body frame. For example, if the guide says you should choose green, go with white. It is also important to note that higher fill levels do not indicate greater firmness of the pillow. MyPillow is always soft, no matter which fill level you go with, the only difference is in the height.

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