How To Use Nora Smart Snoring Solution

Smart Nora is a 100% contact-free snoring solution designed to help alleviate snoring issues without waking you or your partner. It implements a unique technology that will help you get rid of your snoring problems once and for all without interrupting your sleep. Basically, Smart Nora is a pillow insert that monitors the sounds you produce while you sleep and reacts to even the slightest indication of snoring. 

If you too are plagued with poor sleep due to snoring and unable to get a good night’s rest while simultaneously disturbing your partner’s sleep, keep on reading and learn how to stop snoring for good. Smart Nora is also an excellent option if you can stand having anti-snoring devices in your mouth while you sleep. 

How To Use Nora Smart Snoring Solution

How Smart Nora Works

As we already mentioned, Smart Nora listens to you throughout the night and detects the early sounds of snoring before they become loud enough to wake your partner. Once it detects snoring, it will start a gentle movement enabled by a silent pump. 

The motion of the pillow will stimulate your throat muscles and allow you to breathe naturally, which will allow you and your partner to sleep throughout the night without any disturbances. The motion will fade into the background after 3-5 nights and it shouldn’t wake you up anymore (if it did in the first place). The end result will be a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone. Smart Nora works regardless of your sleeping position, so whether you prefer sleeping on your stomach, back or side, its gentle rise and fall motion will still stimulate your throat muscles and help you reduce snoring.  

Smart Nora is much more than a simple snoring solution. It is a lifestyle enhancement device. It will enhance your sleep continuity, allow you and your partner to manage snoring issues, and optimize your daytime performance as a result. Note that Smart Nora is not a medical device and shouldn’t be considered as such. 

Using Smart Nora is very easy. Simply insert it into your favorite pillow and it’ll take care of your snoring in just a couple of nights.

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