Does VitalSleep Work

VitalSleep is a mandibular advancement device (MAD) created by The Snore Reliever Company LLC. Like all similar devices, it works by positioning your lower jaw forward, thus preventing snoring. It’s FDA-cleared and has been subjected to clinical studies. The device is made of thermoplastic that was produced in the US and developed by Du Pont. 

Without beating around the bush too much, we’ll lay it as it is right from the get-go. This device works!

Of course, if the position of your jaw during sleep is not the reason why you snore, this device can’t do much for you.  

If we want to properly grasp the functionality of this snoring aid, however, we’ll have to go over its most prominent features in order of importance: 

  • The already mentioned thermoplastic material is completely BPA-free and latex-free and will not irritate your soft tissues and gums.
  • The device incorporates the boil-and-bite technique, which is a widely accepted method of fitting MADs. What sets this particular product apart is its micro adjustment feature. Namely, the advancement level can be set to up to 7mm. Needless to say, this is not something you see every day.
  • The overall strain on your teeth and lower jaw is lessened by its side-to-side mobility.
  • The flexible frame of the device will make sure you have a natural feel while wearing it.
  • Air holes are especially important for users accustomed to breathing through their mouth. 
  • The material and the product itself are all made in the US, as we already mentioned.
  • There are two sizes available, regular for men and small for women.
  • Even individuals with partial dentures can wear it, which is definitely a rare sight.
Does VitalSleep Work

It is important to note that you also get a complete 60-day (or better, night) money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty that covers replacements for any reason. With its impressive set of features and overwhelmingly positive user reviews, we have to recommend this product to everyone out there battling with snoring and breathing problems.   


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